Topping Up Online – and not just for your phone credit.

If your teen (or you!) have a PAYG mobile, then you’ll be familiar with the ‘top up’ system. When your account is running low and you’re in need of a top up, you purchase additional credit at a supermarket or shop. They give you a top up voucher containing a top up voucher code, which when added  will give you the calling credit of your PAYG provider.


But it’s a printed receipt – and we all know how easily they can be lost.  I’ve heard of people rummaging through bins after throwing them out with the shop receipt, and leaving them in their jeans to accidentally go through the wash.

So of course it makes sense to do it online – and we love  as a family for topping up the teens’ phones. It’s so easy – and with no printed voucher there’s a permanent purchase trail; and there’s no way it ever gets lost!
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.43.32
It’s so easy –

1. Select your provider and the preferred voucher amount – as you can see, all the UK biggest providers are available.
2. Enter your email address and select a payment method;
3. Go through Checkout;
4. After a successful payment, the code is instantly delivered;
5. You can now top up your credit by using the provided instructions.

But the simplicity of the mobile top ups is only half the reason we love them.
Because it’s not just phone credits – oh no. They also offer vouchers for entertainment and gaming too. If you have a PC gamer teen you’ll know why we love them for the fact that Steam Vouchers are just as easy to gift as a mobile credit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 14.30.35

According to, these are the four most popular vouchers sent as gifts. And what a brilliantly practical way for relatives to send treats and birthday gifts that a teen will really appreciate.
The checkout process is secure and reliable (and simple – my technophobe inlaws managed to gift the 14yr old a GooglePlay voucher with ease this week). And after, you will immediately receive an email or text containing your voucher code.

We suggest you bookmark them – once you start, you’ll find them unbelievably handy!

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