Top tips for a family friendly garden

It can be difficult to make your space work for the whole family, particularly if you have children. Making your garden relaxing while letting the kids have fun can be a task, but it is possible to unite the family by making your outdoor space a place to come together.

Bring the indoors outdoor

There are a lot of options to make an outdoor living space in the garden. You can choose from decking or patio with a wooden table and chairs surrounded by fairy lights, or a chair and sofa combo with a firepit – the design options are endless! Extending your living space to the outdoors not only makes your home seem bigger, but it also gives you more options when it comes to mealtimes and socialising. You can also make your garden cosy and safe for younger children by adding soft furnishings to your garden like seat pads, a comfy hammock and sheer drapes for a more private outdoor living area (you can enhance your family-friendly garden by exploring a curated selection — view more garden decor products that are perfect for creating an inviting outdoor space for all ages.)

Make your garden a play area

It’s no secret that children love to play outdoors and explore. For young children and toddlers,a grassy play area with beanbags and soft toys is a great compromise if you have the room to section off your garden and reduce the risk of it being overrun by children’s toys. You don’t need to splash the cash to achieve a child friendly environment, so if you don’t have grass in your garden, simply use a rug and cushions or a tent to use as their designated play area when they’re enjoying time outdoors.

Swap your walls for doors

If you’re fancying a full garden makeover, expand your home by adding bi fold doors from Quickslide to give you maximum space, light and an open view into the garden so you can always keep your eye on the kids. Not only are they stylish and becoming increasingly popular as a new addition to a modern home, but studies have shown that the addition of bi-fold doors to a property can increase its value by 5-10%, so it’s an investment as well as a key feature in your home!

Make sure you have room for yourself

Having children can often make you feel like they’re taking over the house, but it’s important to keep an outdoor space that’s suitable for getting some peace and quiet and escaping the hectic day to day. Whether you enjoy reading in the sun on a hammock or relaxing with a drink and your partner in the evening, time to wind down is important, so why not make the most of your quiet time while getting some fresh air.

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