Top Gifts for a More Thoughtful Christmas

Every Christmas, many of us are guilty of buying gifts for the sake of gifting something. We want our loved ones to have something to open, but we don’t know what to buy, and we don’t have time to devote to an extensive shopping trip. Or we’ve got into the habit of thinking that we need everyone to have lots to open, without really thinking about buying people things that they want, need, and will get lots of pleasure from. This year, if you want to reduce waste, spend less, and buy people thoughtful gifts that they’ll really love, here are some great ideas.

Photo Gifts That Bring Back Memories

Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that bring back memories of happy family times. Photo gifts, like a photo book filled with photos of your family’s year together, or a canvas print of a special memory or occasion are fantastic gifts that keep bringing back memories in the months and years to come, not just on Christmas day itself.

Board Games to Bring the Family Together

Family time together is incredibly important, especially if you have children. But bringing multiple generations together, whether for Christmas day, Sunday lunch or regular family get-togethers can be tough. Different people like different things, and it can be hard to get the conversation going and get teenagers off their phones.

Board games make a great gift because they bring everyone together. Simple games for all ages are great for families with younger children, old classics can be a fantastic way to bond, and as children get older, more adult games can be extremely good fun.

Treats Baked with Love

Homemade treats are delicious and thoughtful gifts that can save you money while showing people that you love them. Homemade truffles or fudge are ideal and if you have young children, gingerbread, or sugar cookies that the kids can decorate are an excellent choice.

The Gift of an Experience

Experience days are becoming more popular all the time, which means that there are more options available. Buying your loved one an experience to try something they’ve always wanted to do is a great option, but something like a spa day or dinner booking is great if you are gifting someone who is always busy and never takes any time for themselves.

A Chance to Learn Something New

Equally, a class can be a fantastic gift, giving your loved one a chance to learn something new and find a new passion. Think about their hobbies, and consider a class that could help them improve, or look for something fun, like a cookery class that you could do together.

A Donation to a Good Cause

If you are really stuck, or your loved one has everything that they need, a donation to a good cause, an animal adoption, or a membership to a charity can be a very thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Thoughtful gifts, instead of gifting for gifting’s sake, are a fantastic way to make sure everyone has a lovely Christmastime filled with fun and joy.

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