Top Casino-Themed Movies To Watch

Some of the best movies that have hit large and small screens over the years have involved casinos and gambling. And it makes sense because of the highs, lows, the emotional rollercoasters, and more than these types of films provide. But which of the casino-themed movies are the ones to watch right now?

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Is there a better way to start a list of the top casino-themed movies than with Casino? The Martin Scorcese hit film debuted in 1995, and what it does well is to show the good side to Vegas – the glitz and the glamour, and the dark side to Sin City – which includes mob activity. Casino sees Robert De Niro take the lead role, and while he has mob connections, a friend returns who is high up with the mob, which begins to cause problems. The great thing about Casino is that Scorsese allows viewers a look inside a Las Vegas venue, where games such as blackjack and slot games reign supreme. These games are extremely popular and well known, so not only will you find all the best ones in Las Vegas, but casinos and even bingo operators online.

Rain Man

Rain Man, which hit screens in 1988, is arguably one of the most famous casino-themed movies around because it involves much more than a movie just happening inside a gaming venue. Instead, Rain Man explores the relationship between two estranged brothers, with one of them, played by Dustin Hoffman, being autistic and having a high level of skill when it comes to employing card counting. Of course, everyone always considers ways in which they could get the edge at blackjack tables, and card counting is one of them. But to pull it off inside Las Vegas casinos when the pressure is on is something else, but how will it work out for the two brothers?

Casino Royale

For those who didn’t know, Casino Royale, which was released in 2006 having been directed by Martin Campbell, is a remake of the 1967 original by the same name, and what a remake it is. In short, Casino Royale hones in on a scene where Bond, played by Daniel Craig, must engage in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em and win against terrorist financier Le Chiffre. If Le Chiffre wins, then global security could be compromised. So, when people talk about high-stakes poker, the stakes don’t come much higher than knowing that losing a game could result in disaster around the world.


For anyone who loves poker, Rounders, a 1998 movie, is probably the best watch around. And the reason for this is that the game is combined with an excellent storyline. Starring Matt Damon in the lead role, a man who, away from acting, has a real passion and skill for poker plays a law student who develops a serious poker ability. But losing all his money leads to him giving up the game for good. However, that all changes when his friend is released from prison, and he’s forced into playing poker again to help his friend out of a hole with some unsavoury characters.

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