Top 5 gifts for those who have everything

Kids are easy to buy for; they like toys, video games and movies. However, as your children get older and come toward the latter half of their teens, their personalities can develop and their tastes can change. It can feel like the scope of your gift giving narrows significantly, and not every parent can thrive under this kind of bottle neck pressure.

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In this scenario, it can also feel like your kids already have everything they want; having jobs and pocket money they can buy all the bits and pieces they want themselves. So, what can you do when birthdays and Christmases roll around?

Consequently, here’re the top 5 gifts for those who have everything.

Subscription service

Movies are universal, and not just for kids. However, the way teens consume them has changed. The event of things like Hulu and Netflix mean that everyone heads online to browse their favourite films, leaving things like DVDs in the dust. They may even watch with their friends via platforms like Skype too.

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Therefore, consider investing in a subscription service for them. While Netflix is raising tariffs, the cost of their ‘basic one device at a time’ subscription stays at £5.99 a month for the foreseeable future, fortunately. They’ll only get standard definition streaming, but if you’re strapped for cash it’s still a good idea!


As your kids get older, it’s highly likely they’d want to mature somewhat too in their behaviour. Why not reflect that effort in your gift giving? Pick up something that communicates your respect for them as a newly immerging adult!

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For example, if you have a daughter or a flashy son even, some jewellery from F Hinds will work well here. It’s a more appropriate present for your kids who’re undoubtedly looking to fast track their growth. Additionally, it could even be a legacy item they might want to pass down to their kids if they have them eventually!

An experience

Few things can beat a quality experience. You can give your teenager something to remember by taking them on an exciting adventure holiday abroad involving things like camping, hiking, water sports and rock climbing. Moreover, if they like arts, you could pay for them to tour around a museum or catch a West End theatre performance in London. The opportunities are endless!

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Hobby gear

If you’re son and daughter have a hobby in something like sports, fishing, or arts and crafts, then it might be a good idea to invest in their interests here. You could pick up bits and pieces that are involved in their craft; such as certain equipment they use. Is anything getting worn out with use? Have they expressed an interest in replacing anything here? Do some detective work!

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It’s often the last resort and the hallmark of a parent who’s ran out of ideas, but money is always a good safety net to fall back on when it comes to gift giving. After all, if your teenagers prefer buying their own things, this might even be a better option in general. Still, you could also encourage them to invest the sum into something, or to strategically stash it away in a scheme like a Help to Buy ISA.


Sometimes the best ideas can occur to you when you’re backed into a corner. After all, there’s no real need to get creative when the choices are obvious. Put your thinking cap on and think about the specific needs of your recipient; great gift possibilities will follow!

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