Our Top 10 Beauty Tips To Get You Ready For The Festive Party Season

With the madness of the festive party season fast approaching, everyone wants to look their best. And every parent needs a little help to make the party season a seamless and stress-free affair, floating between work, home and the endless social events. So here’s 10 of our top beauty tips to get you ready; small and simple stuff which will make a huge difference to your festivities, helping you look good and feel fresh all the way through to New Year’s Eve…

Mum preparing for a party - image courtesy of Shutterstock

Mum preparing for a party – image courtesy of Shutterstock

1. Eat and drink right

Cutting out processed foods and ensuring you get between two to three litres of water per day can really get you feeling fabulous. Not only will you potentially lose weight buy cutting out (or cutting down on) the bad foods and staying hydrated, but you will also rid your body of toxins and help to prevent bloating.


2. Get a wax

If you’re comfortable getting a wax, then get yourself booked in. There’s nothing worse than having to shave every other day, or even worse – forgetting to shave until it’s too late!


3. Get a mani-pedi

Your hands and feet are going to be put through their paces this festive season; your feet are going to have to withstand numerous nights standing around and dancing in heels, whilst your hands are constantly on show to those you’re interacting with. You want your hands to look good and presentable and ensure that your feet will make it through the night without uncomfortable cracked heels or chipped nails.


4. Use a teeth whitener

If you start early enough, you can get whiter teeth within 30 days by using whitening tooth paste, tooth floss and mouth wash. But if you don’t have 30 days then you could get an iWhite instant teeth whitening kit – all you have to do is place a tray filled with gel around your teeth and leave it there for 20 minutes, whitening both the front and backs of your teeth. They’re best used for five days consecutively, but they can also be perfect for a little last minute touch up before heading out the door!



5. Practise your makeup beforehand

Think of it like a trial run, especially if you’re going for a different look to your normal day-to-day, or one that you’ve never tried before. This way, on the night when you’re getting ready and don’t have all the time in the world, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and you’ll nail it. Trying a new look last minute can lead to possible faux pas and then frustration on running out of time and not being overly pleased with the outcome. Practice makes perfect, after all.


6. Invest in a face mask or two

Drinking lots of alcohol over the festive season can dehydrate your skin, making it look dry, dull and grey – even a bit sickly, to go along with that hangover. Investing in a brightening face mask that contains alpha-hydroxy acids will mean that these natural acids can do a few things for you, including destroy dead skin cells and moisturise your healthy skin cells.


remescar eye bag cream7. Get yourself an Eye Bags & Dark Circles Cream

This is my personal secret tip – if you’re finding that December descends into one long round of dinner parties, kids concerts, family events, parties and random late nights, then you’re not getting very much sleep. If it’s starting to show, get yourself some of this cream. Trust me on this, it’s amazing. Whether it’s eye bags, puffiness or dark circles, this cream can be applied before your makeup helping you to look more awake and alert than you actually are. You’ll see instant results within just two minutes, with the effects lasting up to eight hours.

(*whispers* It’s also great for the morning-after when you stagger out of bed and don’t want it to be too obvious that you didn’t get much sleep!)

Honestly – I love Remescar’s Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream, (you can get it in Boots for a smidge under £30. You’re welcome.) 


8. Moisturise

I don’t know about you, but it’s always around now that I really notice how the cold weather dries out my skin – and far more so now than when I was in my 20’s (#GettingOld). If you’re going to be wearing skirts and/or dresses for the party season, then moisturiser, body lotions and body butters are great to use on your legs and arms after you shower – this will help to give them a soft touch and a smooth, glossy appearance. If you don’t have time to sit and moisturise, use a bit of oil in the bath/shower when you’re getting ready and that’ll do the trick just as well.


9. Master the blow-dry

For many this festive season there simply won’t be much time between work and the start of a party, so mastering the blow-dry can make the world of difference. Get up early in the morning and wash your hair, leave it for 5 minutes to dry naturally before towel drying it enough that it stops dripping. Then, simply section your hair off and begin blow-drying from the roots to the bottom. Don’t fully dry your hair, leave it the tiniest bit damp so that it retains some of the moisture and doesn’t go frizzy, and then give it a final blast over with cold air. Master this and you’ll have perfect hair to go from day to evening without much fuss.


10. Use a makeup setting spray

Any product that helps your makeup stay on for longer is a must-have. Obviously you’ve got primers that you can apply before your makeup, but makeup setting sprays are to be applied afterwards. Simply hold your spray at arm’s length and spritz over your face – your face may initially feel a little damp but don’t rub it in, let it dry naturally.

Insider Pro Tip No.2 – If you don’t have a makeup setting spray, hairspray can do the trick; just be sure to hold your breath, close your eyes and please don’t let it become a habit, as it’s not the best solution in the long term for your skin!

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