Finding a bed for a TINY Bedroom.

So finally – or “FINALLEEEE” as she would say – the 6yr old is hvaing a new bedroom.
Well – not a new bedroom, obviously – but she’s having a lick of paint and some furniture to call her own. It seems about time – she’s been living in her inherited big brother’s Lime Green room for 5 years, after all.

The trouble is – it’s a tricky room. In all honesty, that’s why she’s still living in the green-ness. It’s a teeny tiny box room – it was chopped in half when they decided to put an inside bathroom in back in the 40’s. So I can easily touch two walls at once, which doesn’t leave us much room to get creative.

Once there’s a bed in, and a chest of drawers for her clothes (no luxury of  a wardrobe in there, I’m afraid) there’s just no room for the desk she yearns for – nor much in the way of floor space for the Playmobil Pony Ranch either.

So the only option was to examine the cabin beds available – thinking that we should be able to find at least one which can offer some serious storage solutions to allow everything she needs, and still leave a square foot of floor space for playing in afterwards.

Ohio Beech High Sleeper with Wardrobe & Desk- Small Single.

Choice one – all the storage she needs, and it’s as narrow as they come at just 83cm wide. But – it’s a very large piece of furniture in a tiny room, that will take up a LOT of floor and really overwhelm a small space.

Pine Wooden High Sleeper Bed with Bibby Mattress. Choice 2 – this one’s bigger at 94cm wide – the room is only 166cm – but does leave a far more open feel, and lots of floor space to use. As it’s solid wood, we could paint it white to keep things as light as possible, too. But it doesn’t solve any storage issues…

(also – oh how she’d kill for a bedroom the size that’s in the photos!)

Help us out – what would you choose?

Author: Laura

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