It’s that time of year – let’s talk Sunglasses

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? You’ve handed over your holiday deposit, booked the time off work and officially started counting down the days until you head off for some sunshine.
And you know what that means – you’ve started looking for your summer essentials. Top of my list this year is some new sunglasses – something I keep putting off because it’s such a faff. I prefer to do all my shopping online, but sunglasses have proved tricky in the past; it’s not until they’re actually on your face that you can tell how they look, is it?

Thankfully, a few online retailers have got systems in place to allow you to virtually try on their range – and I’ve just totally lost half an hour messing about researching styles on  SmartBuyGlasses. Seriously – it’s way too much fun. Just start from their 3D try on page, and then browse browse browse.
It’s hilarious – and while you’re having fun it’s actually hugely enlightening too. I started off with the shape that i know suits my face, and that I always stick to. But then I started trying out new stuff, just for fun. And lo and behold, I found me some fabulous new glasses in a style I’d never have considered before!

I know, pretty nice right? These are by Persol (model PO2747S) – stylish & versatile with tortoise frames and Grey lenses. They look fine – but there’s nothing new here, they look just like my last four pairs of sunglasses – and my normal glasses too (this pair of Persol sunglasses are just £106.95).

Then I thought I’d fun things up with a little 80’s retro – it had to be Ray-Ban’s yes?

So these are the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Flash Lenses. I’ve seen others carry these off with style and panache – but that shape does nothing for my face, and the mirror lenses just look… stooopid. This may be a case where they’re better in real life, but I swiftly moved on from these ( RB3025 Aviator Flash Lenses £117 ).
But while I was there I did see the Ray-Ban Clubmaster style, which is also nicely retro – but more 60’s Mad Men than 80’s Top Gun…

Fans of the Unisex Ray-Ban Clubmaster include A-list musicians to artists to hip fashionistas and models. So cool in the pictures. And yet so 1970’s Great Aunt on my face. Not a good choice for me, sadly. But if you have better cheekbones than I, then the Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster is just £87.95.
Then I stumbled over the Prada, and just had to give them a try, right?

Yeah… No.
To be fair, they’re proudly touted as a Dolce & Gabbana Baroque model which is ‘a departure from straightforward eyewear of old’. That’s for sure – but still no.
However, if the unique frame shape coupled with the oversized styling and dramatic gradient lenses is for you, then know that they’re available in over ten delectable colour combinations, and the Prada PR27NS MINIMAL BAROQUE are £159.95.
And that was the point that I clicked through to the big ole 1970’s styled Tom Ford’s…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.
I would never have tried on a pair of oversized frames like these, I simply wouldn’t even consider them. And yet – I love them!
Funky and fun enough to be an interesting change, beautifully practical, and they look so gooood!
It seems I have expensive tastes though – these babies are the dearest of the lot, with the Tom Ford FT0076 RAQUEL sunglasses coming in at £183.95!

So if you’re thinking about new sunnies this year, I suggest you hotfoot it over to SmartBuyGlasses and try out their ‘Virtual Try On’ system – as long as you have a webcam it’s a simple one click, wibble your head to ‘pick up’ the glasses and then you can see yourself wearing them. We love.
(Also – really really nee-e-eed those Tom Ford Raquel’s now…)




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