Time For a Family Holiday – try Majorca?


All too often the end of the summer holidays looms ever closer and you realise that you haven’t really done anything or been anywhere.  Now’s the time to look out for last minute hotel deals and see if you can track down a cheapish holiday in the UK or even grab a discount flight overseas.

UK Pros and Cons

If you decide to brave the elements and stay in the UK be prepared to pack Wellingtons and waterproofs.  Children do tend to get very bored with long wet days and there’s a limit to how many rainy weather forecasts both parents and children can be expected to endure.  The idea of a ‘staycation’ is fantastic but after the bizarre storms this summer, overseas might prove to be a sounder option!



If you want an adventure in a reliable climate, then that well-known destination, Majorca might prove to be a success.  For those on a budget, camping is a viable option and most restaurants and cafes are child friendly.  Make a plan before you leave for the island and this will help you stick to your budget.  If you can afford water parks and other treats that will cost but are also tremendous fun then perhaps it time to be indulgent, you can always remind the children of their wonderful holiday when you return to Blighty and, yet again, the heavens have opened.


Puerto Pollensa

This resort is ideal for those with small families.  It is a little quieter than some other parts of the island but one of the attractions for parents is that many families come to stay here.  The beaches are safe and there are many local cafes as well as the ubiquitous chains.



A growing trend throughout Europe is that of the Agrotourismo holiday, the nature of these resorts vary from simply being an idyllic rural resort to a working farm where families can pick fruit and other produce and enjoy the pleasures of mixing with like minded people.  Some of these resorts offer other activities, including pony trekking and sailing, it all depends on the ages of the children and the family’s tastes, but these types of holidays are a refreshing way to spend a break.



There are many campsites right across the island and this often the cheapest type of holiday, also most children actually love living and sleeping in ‘the great outdoors.’  If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of transporting your equipment to Majorca then a caravan holiday might prove to be the answer.  The Cala dels Camps Palma provides bars, cafes, as well as gas for your caravan and a basic first aid station for emergencies.



If adventure is your thing then, Majorca is definitely worth exploring.  Palma itself is for those with the stamina for all night partying but for families looking for a quick break, then the rest of Majorca is definitely good value for money and also has an excellent and sunny climate.


By Celina Bledowska

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