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We had the dubious pleasure of visiting Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights recently. I say dubious not because it’s a bit of an iffy event – it’s so not. It’s frankly brilliant at the whole scare-you-pantless thing, which is why I was naturally dubious about going.
But the event was all part of our Merlin Annual Pass Ambassador Big Plan, and a long-promised event to No.1 son – so I really needed a solution to the big scary stuff. After a genius brainwave I decided I would take 17yr old No.1 son, plus his mate, plus his mate’s mum. The boys do the scary stuff, and I get to catch up with an old friend.
Only… you can’t help yourself at a theme park, can you?

There wasn’t actually much ‘catching up’ done, because we were way too busy screeching at the scares and the thrills!

No.1 nearest the camera – and this is them second go around on Stealth, having just done it in the front carriage, they decided to go again at the back… #fools

It’s an odd thing – a theme park in the dark is a very strange place to be. Despite all the lights and the other thrillseekers, you can’t help but be a bit weirded out by the sheer ‘differentness‘ of it.
Personally, I blame Scooby Doo.


Anyhow, we made the absolute most of the opportunity to ride the biggest rollercoasters in the dark – and when I say ‘we’ I’m being generous, obviously. I refused flat out to do Stealth or SAW. Just… No.
And yet I jumped on to the swoopy twisty turny rollercoasters without allowing myself to think about it too much (it probably helped that it was totally dark so I had No Clue how high/fast/terrifying they actually looked). And I bloody LOVED, with loudly shrieking whooping joy, the madness of Nemesis and The Swarm.

My lovely friend hadn’t turned a hair at Stealth (I just stared open-mouthed as she nonchalantly hopped on), and yet she felt a bit green after Stealth, refused Nemesis and stayed happily with me during the boys’ visit to SAW).

My adored firstborn is actually on this ride. Right at the front. The bloody lunatic. *shudder*

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train was unnerving and I’m not even going to tell you about the mazes. You’ll just have to experience them for yourselves. Quick Tip – be sure to have someone with you to clutch hold of. though at one point I did find a random strangers arm did the trick – she didn’t seem to mind, she was too busy shrieking back at me. And it’s easier  to handle if you’re near the back of your group. But not right at the back…


And watch your backs when you’re simply walking the park. The actual real-live zombies are unexpectedly everywhere, and no matter how ready you think you are, they’re totally unnerving.
Though if you speak to them really nicely (and keep your distance), they may well shuffle into a handy pack for you..


The FRIGHT NIGHTS left in 2016 are on the 21st – 31st October. The park is open from 10am – 10pm, and FRIGHT NIGHTS attractions open from 3pm. please note they ARE an intense experience, so they are not recommended for anyone under the age of 13.

Excitingly, we have FOUR tickets for this year’s Fright NightS to give away; but you have to be quick! The comp closes on Sunday (23rd) and we’ll announce the winner first thing Monday morning. The tickets can be sent to you, or they can be left at the Thorpe Park ticket desk if you want to attend sooner; but FrightNights finish for the year on the 31st, so please don’t enter if you’re not going to make the most of this amazing handful of excitement for you and three friends!
win fright nights tickets


We’re so excited to be 2016 ambassadors for the Merlin Annual Pass  – even events like FrightNights are covered, and there’s just a little extra to pay – early dates were just £5! Do pre-book to avoid disappointment, though, as tickets are limited.


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