Rapid Rashers? THIS IS DANEPAK SERIOUS. #SeriousBaconClub

We Brits do love our bacon, don’t we?

Naturally there’s always the hotly debated question of ketchup vs brown sauce… but I think we can all agree that white bread is necessary for a bacon sandwich, right?

(Ssssh. I love brown bread – but just not with bacon. And frankly I don’t want to hear from you if you think otherwise)


Bacon is simply a staple on every household’s shopping list (vegetarians aside, obviously – but if you’re a veggie this post really isn’t for you, I’ll let you know that now. Honestly – you’ll be better off heading over to look at the Chocolate Courgette Cake recipe instead), and it’s a sad day in the LittleStuff house if the meat drawer in the fridge doesn’t have at least one stand-by pack of bacon in it for breakfast/lunch/supper emergency supplies.

You can never go wrong with a couple of rashers with a poached egg for breakfast, after all. An offer of a bacon sandwich for lunch is never said no to – and a simple pasta with a cheesy-bacony carbonara sauce for tea will unfailingly please whoever needs feeding in a hurry.

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When Danepak got in touch I naturally answered straight away – come on, who doesn’t want to talk about bacon? But I was equally pleased that such an iconic brand is having a really exciting re-launch with the Serious Bacon Club.

Danepak are the absolute experts in bacon, of course, and have been as long as I can remember – no 70’s child could possibly ignore the Danish Sizzle, right?


They are unbelievably passionate about it, and the precision and efficiency they bring to every single stage of the production process is remarkable. Culturally, bacon is very important to Danish people. And Danish people take the important things in life very seriously.

So seriously, that Danepak felt the need to start the Serious Bacon Club, to let us know just how seriously they take it. So if you love bacon, just like the other 75,000 bacon lover fans on Facebook, then the Serious Bacon Club is definitely the place for you…

(oh, and those Rapid Rashers? Yes, it’s true what Magnus says. Just 90 seconds in the microwave, and you get four perfectly cooked bacon rashers every time. And of course that’s just perfect for two sandwiches – and without the hurry-up-already foot hopping while you wait for the grill. It’s about as long as it’ll take for you to butter the (white) bread and get your ketchup out… )

So make sure you go join the Serious Bacon Club on Facebook (we mean it – there’s talk of FREE BACON over there right now…), and while you’re at it, follow them on YouTube too. The adverts alone are pretty damned genius.


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