Things You Should Know About MOT’s

The global coronavirus pandemic has more or less derailed everything, and that includes your annual MOT. While in 2020, there was an automatic six month extension for vehicles to get their MOTs, this is not the case this year – so if your car’s MOT is due soon, make sure you book it as soon as possible. Here are three things you should know about MOTs.

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Why it is Necessary?

The MOT – originally the Ministry of Transport test – was introduced in 1960 and basically made sure the brakes, lights and steering on older cars, at the time over ten years old, were in good shape. The MOT was voluntary in the early days, and aimed to reduce the number of road traffic accidents that were occurring.

As more cars have flooded the roads, greater speed limits have been introduced and technology has improved, the test has also changed, becoming mandatory for all cars over three years old (four in Ireland) and looking at a checklist of well over twenty items, all of which can affect your driving and the road safety of the car.

What Do They Look At?

Brakes, lights and steering are still important, as are tyres which were the next item added to the list in 1968. Windscreen wipers, indicators, brake lights and the horn were added next, along with other items. Rules on tread depth were tightened, and the condition of the chassis and body was included. As road safety technology has been implemented in cars, its inclusion in the MOT test has followed shortly afterwards, along with common sense aspects such as having a clear view of the road to back and front: you can fail an MOT if the inspector finds your vehicle to be overly cluttered!

What Do They Not Look At?

The actual running of the car is not examined. While your emissions must be legal and everything must work, the inspector will not look at the engine, gearbox and carburettor – so if your vehicle should break down shortly after your MOT, that is on you! If you do break down, the MOT ensures that you will be able to safely navigate to the side of the road!

How to Pass First Time

Before you have an MOT, go through a checklist: make sure your windscreens are uncluttered, check all your warning lights – a lit warning light signals a fail since 2012, and top up all your fluids: oil, screen-wash, radiator and so on, and check your lights yourself. One excellent way to do it, is to combine your MOT with a service, and have the mechanic fix everything that will be checked during the MOT as well as performing the service. To book MOT Test Online in London, we would recommend Elite Direct. You can schedule an appointment at a date and time of your choosing for as low as £39! We guarantee that you will return a happy customer. To contact them; call at 01708 525577 or visit their website.

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