The ways that players can get the best out of Slingo games 

Can you believe that Slingo has been around for almost thirty years? It was created by Sal Falciglia, a former real estate developer, who founded the company Slingo, Inc. 

As the name implies, it’s a mash-up of Bingo and Slots and these days Slingo games are a popular part of the online casino experience. So, let’s quickly go through the rules of play before diving a little deeper into a few winning tricks.

The player starts the game with a 5 x 5 grid of 25 random numbers between 1 and 99. For clarity, these numbers are randomly generated by a random number generator (RNG) so they can’t be predicted in advance.

The player set their stake, let’s say a couple of bucks, and presses the click button to spin the balls. The RGN kicks in again to pick anything from 1 to 99 from (usually) 70 or 90 numbered balls, and if they match the numbers on the grid, they get marked off. 

Get five marked-off numbers in a row and you’re a winner! There are a few little things to look out for, though, not all the balls that are generated have numbers, some are wild cards.

These vary from game to game, Jokers/super Jokers, for example, allow you to choose which numbers you want to get rid of to help get a row. But this good news is somewhat countered by blocker balls (such as the Devil ball) which block off potential winning rows. 

It’s these little additions that make Slingo so much fun to play and what keeps gamers coming back for more. And we’re here to help you get even more out of the game with some fantastic top tips!

  • Learn the Slingo Lingo

There are some words or phrases you want to familiarise yourself with before playing. There are a few to get your head around, so cut and paste the following and keep it within easy reach until it’s second nature.

Slingo Line: The winning vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of 5 marked spaces

Wild: e.g. A Joker. This allows you to mark off any number, but only on the matching reel.

Super Wild: e.g. A Super Joker. This allows you to mark off any space anywhere on the board.

Blocker: e.g. A Devil. This prevents a space from revealing any number or symbol.

Bonus Buy: Pay for one extra spin on your current game. 

Free Spins: Speaks for itself.

  • Do a Demo

If you’ve not played Slingo before you are highly advised to play a few dummy runs to get used to the basic concept. Yes, the description above is all well and good, but hands-on play will get everything to sink in. 

As Slingo games can vary from casino to casino, try a few variations so you’re ready when you play for real. This will ensure you choose the right version of the game perfectly suited to your exacting tastes.

It will also help you to understand bonuses and how they work. These can be used to your advantage, so get familiar with them in advance! 

  • Check the Prize Ladder/Paytable

Once you’ve settled on your favourite version of Slingo, check out the Prize Ladder/Paytable to the left of the game grid, or by clicking on ‘?’ or ‘i’.

Not only will it show the pay-outs and bonuses you can expect as you advance, but it will also display the symbols that your game is using, such as Joker, super Joker and Devils.

  • Use your Wild/Super Wild Cards Strategically. 

Getting one of these cards, in whatever form it appears, is great news and you can further the chances of winning by using them judiciously. They’re best placed in the centre space or in one of the four corners to maximise your chances of a Slingo Line.

  • Spin with Caution

Unless you’ve won them, extra spins are not free. That’s not always clear when you’re in the heat of the moment, so make sure you’re not inadvertently paying to spin. Of course, they may be times when you’re on a roll when a Bonus Buy might be advantageous…

  • Know When to Cash Out

…Sometimes a Bonus Buy might look like a good idea when it’s better just to cash out and begin a new game. Obviously, this decision will be based on the circumstances at the time of play, so pause, take an objective view of your situation and choose wisely

  • Know When to Stop!

Finally, Slingo is a load of fun, but you’re playing for real-world money so don’t get carried away! It’s a good idea to set yourself both a budget and a time limit to get the best out of your gaming session.

Good Luck!

Author: Courtenay

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