The Turing Scheme – £100m for Students to Study and Work Abroad

One of the specific concerns of many parents over Brexit was the loss of opportunties through the Erasmus+ programme which helped so many students study abroad. So it’s good news that the British Council’s new £100 million Turing Scheme will open in March 2021. The scheme, which is designed to replace the Erasmus+ scheme, will be open to universities, further education and vocational education providers and schools.

The application process will be a call for bids and will be open for six weeks with funding decisions expected in July. The first round of placements, which range from two or three days for primary school pupils to between four weeks and a year for university and further education students, are expected to begin in September. Funding will vary depending on the type of placement and the country visited.

Turing Scheme details

The Turing Scheme is the UK government’s scheme to provide opportunity for UK organisations from the higher education,?further education,?vocational education and training and schools sectors to offer their students,?learners and pupils?life-changing experiences to study or work abroad.?

Students don’t apply individually – schools, colleges?and?higher education providers apply for funding for projects?on behalf of their pupils, students and learners.?If you are based in one of these organisations?you may be eligible to take part.?It does not matter if you are a full time or part time student.

Who can take part

  • Higher education?(HE)?students? -? you can?study?in another university?or?you?can?gain valuable international work experience?through?a traineeship?in an?organisation?abroad, across?the world.?
  • Apprentices and?learners?in further education (FE) and vocational education?and?training?(VET) – you can?take?part in?short or long-term?traineeships abroad, or?learn at a partner FE or?VET?provider.
  • Recent HE and VET?graduates?(including former apprentices) – you can?carry out?a?traineeship abroad within 12 months of graduating.
  • Those not in permanent education or training – if you are?re-training or upskilling?through a college or school,?you can?take part in a traineeship?abroad.
  • School?pupils? -? you can?study abroad in a partner school?or organisation?on?short?and long-term?placements. Short-term?placements?are for?pupils of any age, but?pupils?must be?accompanied by school staff.?Long-term?placements?are open to pupils aged at least 14.

Find out more about the Turing Scheme here –

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