The Tipping Point App – Warning: Addictive Game Alert.

tipping point app

Have you seen the show? Well now you can take on the Tipping Point machine in the official App of the hit ITV game show!
Barnstorm Games have launched the iOS and Android App based on ITV’s show Tipping Point.

To play you have to answer questions to win counters worth £50 each to drop into the coin pusher machine (yes, it’s JUST like the old 2p slot machines, and just as agonisingly frustrating), dropping them into your choice of four ‘drop zones’.
Then you cross your fingers and hope to push piles of coins off a pair of moving shelves and onto a lower red zone; the more you collect, the greater the eventual prize fund.
The player who has won the least amount of money in each round is eliminated, until only one player remains to play for the jackpot of £10,000 (I’ve never made it that far yet…).

yes, I got this one wrong. *sigh*

Yes, kicking myself I got this one wrong. Idiot. *sigh*

The app’s great – the questions are answerable, but not easy, and there are enough tricky ones to not get boring, but enough easy ones to not make you get fed up at being such a dunce.

I have played this more than a few times (it’s addictively frustrating when you get knocked out, and oh the lure of those dropping 2p coins…) and I’ve not seen any repeated questions so far. The computer is not always a consistently challenging opponent, finding obvious questions wrong, then tricky ones simple, but it feels enough of a competition to make it interesting to play.
There are no additional in-app purchases, which is a pleasant surprise, and you apparently get to play the game in its entirety with no further spending (not that I’ve tested that yet, I haven’t made it that far). 

  • Play with up to 4 players (on one device)
  • Features all the rounds from the show:
  • – On The Buzzer
  • – Against The Clock
  • – Head To Head
  • – Jackpot Push
  • An exclusive new Quick Play Mode
  • Extremely realistic 3D physics simulation
  • Mystery and Jackpot counters
  • Optional computer controlled opponents
  • Over 1,000 UK friendly questions

So have you got what it takes to beat The Machine? Quiz and amusement enthusiasts, as well as fans of the show, can now take on The Machine on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad , iPad mini, Android Phones and Tablets in the official App of the popular RDF TV game show, Tipping Point. Available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Appstore, priced at £1.49.

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  1. I want to play tipping point online sometimes it shows up Amazon.

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  2. why is this not available in south africa to download on google play store

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