The Potato Stamp Stars Bedding. *LOVE* – Review


I think we’re all a sucker for some good bedding, right?
No matter how perfect the design, it’s only when you slide into it with an “Oooohhh!” of happy that you know you got the choosing right, and you and this bedding are going to be besties for a long time.

And this spectacularly amazing Potato Stamp  bedding from Fox Organic is just about as happy as you get.

The design is awesome – love love LOVE the potato stamp stars, and the flip side is a gorgeously simple navy stripe, reminding me of the mattress ticking of my childhood.
organic-teen-bedding-blue-stars-stripesSo it’s reversible, and you get two designs for one – I love the stars, but have to say Boy seems to like the stripes just as much, and it’s often on the flip side by morning.

It’s edged with a really nice navy cotton banding, and the whole set is smart but cosy – a pretty cool trick for a blue and white colour scheme.

But really, once you’re in, you forget about how gorgeous it looks. Because this is probably the softest, snuggliest duvet set in the house.
It’s just… gorgeous.
It’s the 100% organic cotton that does it – but be warned. this bedding will spoil you. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never turn back.

And this is what it would look like if your child allowed you to iron his bedding...

And this is what it would look like if your child allowed you to iron his bedding…

The £52 Potato Stamp Stars Duvet Set includes one reversible 135x200cm Single Duvet Cover (Stars on the top side, and the Vertical Stripe on the underside), plus Single Pillowcase in the Stars. And it comes packaged in a cool little fabric bag that can be used to hold PJs, used to pack the set away neatly in the cupboard… or that makes a very handy Nintendo DS & Games carry bag *cough*.


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