The one where Keris tries the Skoda Roomster

(And no, don’t you dare click away in boredom at a CAR review – this was written by Keris so you just KNOW it’ll be worth a quick squizz through…)

After falling so much in love with the Skoda Yeti, we were all very excited about the prospect of the Skoda Roomster. As wonderful as the Yeti is, we thought it was maybe a bit too big for us and that the Roomster would be more fitting. We looked at it online and squeaked about the big windows and the concept of separate “rooms” for the grown-ups and kids (I may have over-played this in my head – I practically had it as a little house on wheels).

So when it arrived, we couldn’t wait to test it out. I picked Harry up from school and he said, “How about we go for a little drive in the country?” So we did. And we really liked it – honestly – but it just didn’t compare to the Yeti for a few reasons:

1. No map. The Yeti has a built-in satnav that Harry and Joe adored. They loved watching the progress of our car and when the Roomster arrived the first thing Harry asked was “where’s the map?” No map.

2. It was roomy, yes, but it didn’t seem any roomier than the Yeti. Also I didn’t really get the rooms concept. It just seemed like, you know, a car.

3. It was noisy. Now that Harry is really tall, he likes to sit in the front so one day I let him sit in the front while David was driving, which meant I sat in the back with Joe. And I couldn’t believe how noisy it was. I do think we were driving on particularly rattley roads, but even so.

Like the Skoda, there were lots of things we liked – huge boot with a pull-down handle and little “fireplace” for stopping the shopping rolling around. The extra-big windows in the back were great – on the night I sat in the back I noticed how bright the stars were and we drove to somewhere completely dark to let the boys have a look. I never would have noticed that with normal-sized windows. (In contrast, I found the windscreen really small. I’m only short, but I found myself leaning forward and peering over the steering wheel like a mole.)

(no Keris post is complete without the obligatory Cute Factor from her boys…)

So all in all, we enjoyed it, but we didn’t LURVE it like the Yeti. In fact, when it went back Harry said, “Bye, Roomster. When are we getting a Yeti?”

(Skoda Roomsters start at £11,775.00 ‘On The Road’)

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