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Last Christmas, Jolly found a total bargain, and snapped up a Pillow Pet for his little sister in a sale. She’d seen them on TV and coo-ed over them, and he just knew she’d love it.

And she did.

But none of us relaised quite how much she would love it.

I’ve not been able to get her to sleep on a  pillow for a year now…. The only thing she sleeps on is her unicorn Pillow Pet.


So when she saw the new version, the Glow pet, she was understandably fizzing with excitement.

Here’s what her Christmas wish list says…

“I also would like, If it’s alright, A Pillow Pets Glow Pet – Rainbow Unicorn . OOH, it’s just like my pillow now, But It can GLOW! :D.”Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 09.50.15

So when Pillow Pets asked if we’d like to review one of their new Glow Pets range, I may have snapped their hand off and sent a rather-too-begging letter to ask for the rainbow unicorn version.

I tend to be a bit sceptical of mildly gimmicky soft toys… but not about Pillow Pets. These things are incredibly well made, so very soft, hugely practical (no, the velcro doesn’t stop sticking after 3 weeks, nor does the fur start shedding, or the seams start bursting. Even after a year of constant sleeping on)… and oh so flipping cute!Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 09.50.29

Even when they’re not glowing softly and comfortingly, they’re a deliciously soft toy, and a perfect addition to any small person’s bedroom. And it’s not all about unicorns either. You can choose from five different animals – I have a bit fo a soft spot for the serious-looking Turtle myself.

Glow pets are available from all good toy shops, or direct from PillowPets for a smidge under £20.

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