The Nest Intelligent Thermostat – and why you should get one

The world of technology is continually looking for ways to benefit other industries and more often than not this means utilising high tech gadgets to save money, save energy and improve certain daily functions.

One of the latest offerings from the tech world which is set to do all this and more is the Nest Intelligent Thermostat – but just what is it? And why should you bring one into your home?

What is it? 

Over the past few years, consumers have welcomed everything from Smart TVs to Smart Fridges into their homes. Even our trusty mobile handset is probably a smartphone! Smart thermostats are a new addition to this long list of interactive technology and are designed to help users control the temperature and internal environments of their home from a remote location.

This includes the Nest Learning Thermostat – or Nest Intelligent Thermostat – which allows users to control their homes from portable devices via an internet connection as well as allowing the device to record household habits and set its own schedule accordingly.

One of the big advantages of this device is that as well as learning and adapting to your own individual energy usage, the fact it allows remote control from smartphones and laptops means you can use your take direct control of your heating system from a remote location.

Versions of the control software are available on both iOS and Android.
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How much does it cost?

To purchase and install the Nest Learning Thermostat customers will have to pay a set fee with companies such as npower offering expert installers to get everything set up. Apps can then be downloaded from relevant apps stores and appropriate energy tariffs selected to ensure bills are kept as low as possible.

Most domestic heating systems run under the control of a primitive timer or programmer unit, but new gas and electricity tariffs like npower’s Nest Intelligent Thermostat tariff are adapting to changing demands by incorporating state of the art devices – such as the Nest Intelligent Thermostat – into their offerings.


How is it fitted?

The UK Nest model comes with a stand so you can place it anywhere in your home that is convenient as it operates wirelessly and connects to your home network router. A wide variety of boilers, not just modern condensers, will work with the system too and although it is worth checking compatibility if you have a particularly old model or an unusual set-up such as a biomass burner most systems should work.

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Obviously the less energy you use the more money you save, and the Nest’s Auto-Away mode detects when you’ve left the house and automatically turns down the heating. The levels of sensitivity even differentiate between human and pet movements.

Turning down your heating by just one degree will save money but this type of intelligent system goes far beyond that simple function by giving you access to detailed information regarding your energy usage patterns. Once you have enough information you can make decisions on how best to make cost effective changes without them having a negative impact on your quality of life.


Internet of things


The whole idea of increased interconnectivity and the concept of an ‘internet of things’ has been around for quite some time, but the convenience and comfort that everyday applications can achieve by applying it are only just coming to market.

Developments such as the Nest Learning Thermostat are at the forefront of the way we will all be managing our domestic environments in the very near future and you can find out more about what your life with Nest will be like at the company website.


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