The Most Successful Women in the Stock Market

When most people think of the stock market, they think of men on the trading floor, shouting and chaos… that’s the way it always is in Hollywood right? But there is a lot more to the stock market today than just the trading floor on Wall Street; and not only are computers and internet access more important to trading than anything else, but more and more women (I know, shocker – you never see a WOMAN in the movies on the trading floor, do you?) are getting involved in the market. Some of them are having some incredible success and defining themselves as the face of modern stock market trading.

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Some experts actually believe that women are more suited to trading on the open market than men. In fact, even though the majority of the traders are still men, psychologists say that women tend to be more cautious and play the market better without getting on an emotional roller coaster and making a bad decision or taking unnecessary chances. This is an unfortunately byproduct of genetics that many men have. Studies have shown that some men actually go into the market looking for a little excitement and escape and that can mean taking too many risks and big chances.

Successful movie star Phoebe Cates, best known for her 80s movie roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins, stepped away from the film industry and opened a shop on Madison Avenue, New York City, located not far from her family home. Blue Tree sells clothes, jewelry, perfume, books and even stuffed animals! See what phoebe cates looks like now!

So, who are these women and just how much success have they had? In this article, we will explore some of the most well-known and well-respected women in the trading industry and find out just how they were able to make their money and get the kind of results that they are famous for. We’ll also look at some of the trading methods that are out there and how the modern trading landscape is markedly different from that of the past, with quick and easy trading like binary options making it easy for anyone to become a stock market expert.

Women Who Are Uber Successful

Geraldine Weiss is a name that you should think of if you are looking for successful women. She graduated top of her class at UC and couldn’t get hired at a single investment firm. She started her own company instead – and then went on to prove to everyone that women could not only make sound investment strategies and give advice – but that they could often do it better than men.

When she write her first book, she had it published under the name ‘G Weiss’ – purely to hide her gender.

Lubna Olayan is among the top female investors, and is a really interesting and inspirational success story . While we’ve all become used to the idea that America is the land of opportunity (and it’s therefore not all that hard to believe that women could make a success of themselves – even in the 50’s and 60’s), it is much harder to believe the same thing can happen in Saudi Arabia, a country known for the limitations and hardships that women face.
Yet Olayan has been able to rise through the ranks to become CEO of Riyadh-based Olayan Financing Company, a private multinational and one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent companies. This Saudi woman is responsible for 40 manufacturing companies, and has also been named to Forbes‘ “Most Powerful Women” list.

Women all over the world are making a success of themselves – and these are just two of the success stories that are out there. And these women are doing it in the male-dominated financial market – which these days is even easier with the ability to trade stocks online with nothing more than a computer and internet access – particularly through user-friendly trading platforms that are out there. Companies like Binary Uno, which is the leading global trading brand, has certainly made it easy for women to become more successful at trading.

Now if I can just figure out how trading works, I’m all set to make my first million…

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