The Hudl – a tablet for your children?


The hudl is the new tablet made by the rather unlikely company Tesco.
Let’s be honest – when you hear the words “Android Tablet” you immediately think “Toshiba” or “Apple”… not Tesco.

But if you’re looking for an entry-level tablet for your child, the hudl might just be the answer.
It is equipped with a modest 7” screen; perfect for smaller hands to handle without risk of dropping.
It has a 1.5GHz Processor, 16GB of Memory and 9 hours battery life – all of which sounds very promising!

hudl 2
The hudl not only sounds great, but looks really nice! This tablet is definitely one of the cheaper tablets on the market, but it really doesn’t feel very cheap; it feels sturdy and well put together, with funky colouring and a decent weight. It feels like a winner.
On start-up, it does ask you to make a Tesco account (naturally) and in the same way the Kindle Fire is linked to your Amazon account, on the hudl you see the definite Tesco links. Your child probably won’t want to order your Tesco shopping, or check up on your clubcard account, but the Blinkbox Movies service is superb.

After playing around with it for a few weeks, including our trip to Scotland, I installed several apps – the Seagate media drive app, Minecraft Pocket Edition and many more. We found that it performed rather well on all fronts.

hudl 1
Watching movies was fine, although for me the 7″ screen is a bit small for movies the children really didn’t mind, the resolution was good and so was the Audio quality.
Games ran fine on the tablet too, though we did get a little frustrated that when you plug the hudl into the mains to charge whilst you play, you get a strange “lag” when playing games; for example Minecraft PE would freeze and then catch up with your movements a couple seconds later, which could cost you your life in the game. This happened every time the tablet was plugged in.

The hudl has a lot of things going for it; it’s the perfect size for slipping into your bag and taking it on the go, it looks great, it feels sturdy and robust, and it runs all your basic tablet requirements with no issues.
The negatives – there are only a few, but I feel that they are insignificant if you take into account that the hudl is available for only £119. A few little bugs and glitches which are only minor irritants, and you get a superb tablet for a quarter of the average Tablet cost! Defiantly a recommendation.



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