The Four, the Laundry, the Life… In Which I Discover the World According To The Boys.

A short while ago, one of my favourite bloggers decided to interview her 5 yr old daughter. Genius idea. So genius, in fact, that it spread. Soon another took up the challenge to investigate the inner mind of their child. then another, and another… and I can resist no longer. I just had to know what my own children would say (except for pink, of course, who would simply say ‘NO!” or “Way-bu-y-o-o-o–oon” to everything. With maybe a ‘Jam, please!’ thrown in). So, here it is. The world according to the Blue Ones – No.1 is 11, so I expected sensible things. Boy is 8 – I *hoped* for moderately sensible. Jolly is 7, and never remotely sensible…

What’s Daddy’s job?

No.1 – “Photographer – are these going to get harder?”

Boy –  “Takes pictures at weddings and stuff”

Jolly – “Photographs!”

How old do you have to be to drive a car?

No.1 – “17” (sigh)

Boy –  “18 or older”

Jolly – “over 18 at least”

How old is Mummy?

No.1 – “30… (hesitates, wanting to be honest, but kind) something?”

Boy –  “31”

Jolly – “32”

*(35 is right, so they were VERY kind)

How old is Daddy?

No.1 – “43”

Boy –  “43”

Jolly – “42”

*He’s 43 – and they all remember his 40th)

When Gangy & Bumpa babysit, where do you think Mummy and Daddy are?

No.1 – “At the cinema, eating.. wherever”

Boy –  “At the hospital”

Jolly – “Out somewhere… probably having a baby”

(* I promise we HAVE been out since Pink was born three years ago. Honest.)

What do you think the Queen looks like?

No.1 – “Grey hair, wrinkles, crown… not really sure”

Boy –  “Very Posh”

Jolly – “Not that pretty… but I still like her”

What does your brother do to annoy you?

No.1 – “Trash my room”

Boy –  “Well No.1 is just a bit generally, like, annoying. And Jolly is just a bit… annoying. And Pink can be just a bit, like, you know, annoying.”

Jolly – “Say rude names to me”

(*I chose carefully not to investigate further on which rude names)

Where would you like to go on holiday this year? Anywhere in the world?

No.1 – “Scotland”

Boy –  “The Peak District (pauses, glazes over and smiles longingly)… Or Butlins.”

Jolly – “Scotland or the Peak District. Or Wales. Or any where with moors really.”

Where do babies come from?

No.1 – “You!”

Boy –  “Mummys Tummies”

Jolly – “Mummy’s Tummy”

(*I am of course solely responsible for all babies. Ever.)

How do the babies get inside their Mummies?

No.1 – *snort*… *embarrassed giggle*… flushed cheeks…”You don’t REALLY want me to answer that, do you?”

Boy –  “erm… I don’t know, actually” (settles down expecting a  full explanation right NOW…)

Jolly – “They grow in a big water balloon thingy”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

No.1 – “Oh, well, nothing set yet. You know, I have PLENTY of time to settle on a career choice.”

Boy –  “An Author!” (This is new, a month ago it was a rally driver. The he discovered Hiccup the Viking and Astrosaurs.).

Jolly – “Well, I’m going to be an Army Man, but then when I get bored I’m going to design cars”

If you could be anyone else who would you be?

No.1 – “Harry Potter”

Boy –  “Tegs” (from the Astrosaurs books)

Jolly – “Friday O’Leary. The truth is  LEMON MERINGUE!” (Mr Gum books, in case you’ve not had the pleasure)

Who do you think is in charge of the country.

No.1 – “The Queen. Or the Prime Minister.”

Boy –  “The King! Or maybe it’s the Queen…”

Jolly – Well, the Government work for them, I don’t know who they are… The President?”

If you had children what would their names be?

No.1 – “I haven’t thought THAT far ahead!”

Boy –  “Henry.”

Jolly – “Frank, George… and for a girl Megan.”

Who is Barack Obama?

No.1 – “President of the USA”

Boy –  “I haven’t a clue”

Jolly – *silent blank face*

How much pocket money do you think you should get per week?

No.1 – “£5” (the actual limit he may earn with chores)

Boy –  “£3.50” (again, the maximum he can currently earn)

Jolly – “£5” (aspirations towards oldest brothers allowance of riches)

Who is most clever … Mummy or Daddy?

No.1 – “Both of you” *grin*

Boy –  “Daddy. Because he just is.”

Jolly – “Both of you” *big shiny eyes and slightly wobbly mouth at the thought of having to choose*

If you were a Mummy what would you let your children do that I don’t?

No.1 – “Stay up later!”

Boy –  “Go out on lots more nice outings, play more games together” (*parental wibble…*)

Jolly – “Play xbox every single day. And the Wii. And NEVER do my lunchbox.”

Who’s your best friend in the whole world?

No.1 – “Danny & Olly”

Boy –  “Aaron & Josh”

Jolly – “Jake. Today.”

And there, ladies and gentlemen, you have it. the world according the The Blue Ones.

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