The Fairy Hobmother wishes to be giving away nice things.

If you haven’t already met him, The Fairy Hobmother (occasionally called David from Appliances Online by Very Dull People) dances and skips his way around cyber space, looking for lovely people to be nice to. He may give you an Amazon voucher. He may give you a new dishwasher (yes, really). There’s no rules, no catches – just leave a comment here and let him know what you would most wish for.


He’ll read them all, and choose someone to sprinkle with Hob Dust. Could be a TV, could be an iron. Who knows? Personally, whilst I would be wallowing in a whole heap of happy with the arrival of a duck egg blue Smeg fridge… what I actually really truly *need* is a tumble dryer that’s not a whinging whiny 10yr old, and that’ll cope with what my fantabulous LG Steam Direct washing machine throws at it.

So – go to it. Leave a comment, tell us what your house is swooning for, and the maddest, funniest, oddest, best reason why.

(It’s not a competition at all, every comment will be read – we just like it when people make us laugh)

Go, run free with your commenting, see what you can woo Appliances Online into sending you… :D

Author: Laura

A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. I work, I have four children, I have a dog… ergo, I do not do dusting or ironing. I began LittleStuff back in (gulp) 2004. I like huge mugs of tea. And Coffee. And Cake. And a steaming cone of crispy fresh fluffy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar. #healthyeater When I grow up I am going to be quietly graceful, organised and wear lipstick every day. In the meantime I *may* have a slight butterfly-brain issue.

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  1. Please can you send me a new washing machine. My current washing machine is sick, it does not load itself, empty itself or hang up the clean washing! *wishes* It also eats socks and turns things pink and grey. It occasionally vomits water out of the detergent drawer which is another thing i have to clean up as a mother and house wife *sighs*.

    Please make my life better and replace my husband… *ahem* i mean washing machine with a younger fitter model.

    Many Thanks!!

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  2. Washing Machine £200
    Dryer £190
    Dishwasher £180
    Flip Video Camera* £180, the memories I’d record: priceless!

    Please Fairy Hobmother, I’d love to record some memories to share with family overseas. And of course to make a video detailing how grateful I am.

    *I know its not tecnically an appliance

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  3. Position Vacant:
    Family in West Wales need cooker as old one is about to go to the big kitchen-in-the-sky (where it hopes to meet Fanny Cradock).

    Essentials skills and qualities:
    – must not rattle and squeak when switched on (so Dad doesn’t spend 20 minutes looking for the very loud mouse in the kitchen)
    – must have a timer that actually counts down (thus avoiding ‘burnt pie still has an hour to cook…oh’ situations)
    – must correctly indicate which ring is switched on (avoids watched-pot-never-boils-especially-when-its-on-the-wrong-ring frustration)
    – must have a grill that is not coated in un-identifiable gunge (so that the kitchen doesn’t become a gas-mask-only zone whenever someone tries to grill sausages)

    Desirable qualities:
    – removes all calories from food cooked in it whilst maintaining flavour
    – all vegetables emerge tasting like chips so that our 6 year old will eat them
    – comes with matching chef

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  4. The Fairy Hobmother visited me once and brought sweets but I’m always willing to give up a small corner of the blog to talk about a replacement gadget or something. I was only moaning about my slow cooker the other day…

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  5. Dear Fairy Hobmother,

    In a bid to be super organised and healthy, we’re cooking lots of meals with extra portions to store away in the freezer….but have the slight hitch that our freezer is tiny and not much fits in. It also makes it tricky ever finding anything again, as everything is rammed in so tightly that any form of organisation is impossible.

    So my wish is for an upright freezer, so we can create hoards of delicious meals, carefully stash them away in the freezer and find them again more easily.

    Yours hopefully,
    Cosy Home x

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  6. Dear Santa – I have been a good girl this year and worked hard at my blog. Please may I have: the tip of a unicorn’s horn; three dodos; the smile on Shergar’s face; a paintbrush made out of bristles from Lord Lucan’s moustache; a vermicious knid; some tartan paint; and a night filled with pleasant and restful dreams.

    lots of love from Joanne

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  7. I am afraid I have sinned, and have sinned big. I have spent so much attention and time on my blog, that the house has been neglected and my children unfed*.
    I would love the Fairy Hobmother to visit me and sprinkle some magic upon my house! I don’t have grand dreams or massive wishes for expensive items of luxury (although a fancy new range cooker would be stunning), all I wish for is a freezer. I am unfussy of brand or colour, anything would make me deliriously happy as long as it freezes food! My reason for a freezer? Well my 8 year old son has some medical conditions that cause him to lose weight. I have to feed him up with high fat, high calorie food and in order to do this I have to freeze batchs of homemade bread, food and cakes all made by my fair hands (when I am not blogging, usually in the middle of the night!). I currently have the tiniest freezer you will probably ever see, it is a game of tetris everytime I put anything inside. Open the door with caution! it will all fall out on your lap, then it is your turn to play freezer tetris!! Ooooh and a new freezer would mean room to hide ice cream in to treat myself!

    *ok, i have actually fed my children, but only because their constant moaning of being hungry has reminded me :O

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  8. Wow. Is the Fairy Hobmother still on her travels? (Apologies David for the fairy reference). I’m holding out for the day Applicances Online start stocking ipad 2’s although I’m guessing they’s have to change their name, or something.

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  9. Look – I enjoy my parents coming over to my house. Really, I do. But seriously, at anytime of day or night…just to use my freezer? I mean, they have their own fridge freezer…but its old, its small, its not frost-free. So they come over and stock their peas and their fish and their meat in mine. As I say, its lovely that they visit all the time. But sometimes it would be nice if they visit to see me, not my fridge freezer.
    Please help me out here.

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  10. All I’m wishing for right now is more sponsors for the Race for Life. I have everything I could wish for (well not really) but I’m hoping to raise as much money for Cancer Research as possible xxx

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  11. I have a dog, a very cute one at that, he’s called Bracken (aka the brackster). Despite all my training he still insists on leaving hair all over the house meaning we have to hoover every couple of days. We have an old Henry hoover that is just holding together, I’d love a shiny new Dyson so that the lady of the manor doesn’t risk falling down the stairs while carrying it. I’ve just finished restoring the hallway floor you see, don’t want it to get damaged or stained.

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  12. Go on, I’ll play – I would wish for a new oven. For my mum. Because hers is bust and I can’t *live* without her cake, especially not for baby’s 1st birthday. :( I can bake perfectly well but there’s just something about your mum’s cake, isn’t there…plus it’s making her all sad, and we can’t have that.

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  13. I need either a new washing machine as mine screams on the spin cycle and tries to walk about the kitchen or a flatscreen tv as we need to replace the old, huge tv to make room for the second crib for the upcoming twin babies arrival. Please.

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  14. In my wildest dreams I would magically own a slow cooker ready for going back to work as I have no idea how I’m going to work and look after baby and cook oh my goodness! Aaargh

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  15. I really need an iron. Like, really.

    It’s not like I *want* one, far from it, but if I don’t get a decent iron soon social services are going to start questioning why my children are looking so desperately unkempt.

    Or a washing machine that will finish it’s cycles first time around without being bullied into it.

    Yeah, probably better off asking for a washer …

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  16. But, FH, Nicki *has been whining about that sodding slow cooker. Go on, give her one.


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  17. I don’t really need a breadmaker, or an ice cream maker I would just like one. Either one would do, I’m really not that fussy. I would bake some lovely breads and make ice creams. My day job sucks and cooking makes me smile!

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  18. Gosh, how could I pick one thing…

    The washing machine, poor thing, has had it’s door opened and closed and opened and closed so many times, it’s falling to pieces. We love our washing machine, it serves us well, but I think retirement may be calling – from the noises it makes, it’s certainly calling for retirement. (I think I’d want to retire too if I had to wash dirty nappies every day)

    Then there’s our dear old fridge. Certainly outlived many of the family pets (we do look after our pets by the way!) It’s lost all of the brackets that make safe/useful shelves in the door. We can balance things on them, but it’s like a game of roulette when we open the door – where will the cheese fall, and even funnier, that pot of yoghurt that the little people haven’t finished and put back in – how far will that splatter? The somersaulting jar of jam chipped our tiled kitchen floor.

    Now – we have lots of Hi-fi’s (we haven’t quite entered the 21st century with the likes of i-pods and docking stations yet). Yes, we’ve got 3 fabulous music players, but none of them fully work. One has a tape deck (ooh showing my age now!) that works, one has a cd player that works and one has the radio that works. (Reminds me of a family story about when my nan got visited by the TV licence people – she had 2 TVs – one with a picture but no sound, and one with just sound and no picture so reckoned she didn’t need a licence – she somehow baffled the bloke so much that he left without issuing a fine – hmmm… I wonder if this part-working appliance thing is hereditary).

    Our TV isn’t that much better. We thought we were pushing the boat out when we bought one with an integrated DVD – ah, but little people with sticky fingers stick things where they shouldn’t go. So the DVD no longer works. It’s boasts a huge 16inch screen – yes, really – our main and only TV. My daughters visit other people’s houses and think they’re in the cinema – they’ve never seen Peppa Pig so big.

    Dear Fairy Hobmother, I’m not in the slightest asking for all of these, but a little twinkle of your fairy wand would certainly cheer us up. If I had to pick one thing though, perhaps a cd player/hi-fi or whatever they’re called these days (now I sound like my nan!) for my little ladies to have in their bedroom. It’d be the best piece of music equipment in the house and hubby and I would get insanely jealous, and I fear the eldest has discovered Justin Beiber, so I possibly couldn’t even comment on the music, but it might keep them in their room for 5 minutes. And that would give me 5 mins peace. And *that* is priceless. What more could I ask for?

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  19. Dear Fairy Hobmother

    My biggest wish just now – desperately sad as it is – is for a new hoover.

    Number one son is now partaking in chores and the current hoover has taken so much bashing off of walls and tumbling down stairs that it is hanging in bits!

    A lovely hoover that isn’t held together with heavy duty tape would be just perfect.


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  20. Dear Fairy Hobmother

    I still need a new fridge : ( Mine is 21 years old – a hand me down from my great-aunt to my mum and then to me. We have no spare money to buy a new one so ive entered every fridge freezer competition that I could find over the past 8 months – even the AO one at Christmas! One day I hope to have a cold fridge that doesn’t turn my milk to cheese. That is all! ; )


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  21. (Please ignore that strange yowling sound, it’s the sound of violins accompanying my tale of woe)

    We moved into our current house just over four years ago…a lovely Victorian house with more space for the kids to run around in. The thing about the Victorians, however, is that their way of living is very different to the way we use space these days. For them, it was all about the formal reception room. Kitchens and bathrooms were purely functional.

    I’ve lived with my small, cramped kitchen at the back of the house without complaining (much), in the hope that one day we will win the lottery and be able to build a large extention with state of the art kitchen. Until that day, I selflessly toil away in my little sweatshop.

    In the meantime, in my garage, stands an empty space. A space that one day, I had hoped to dedicate to a second freezer… just to help alleviate the strain of the tiny fridge freezer in the tiny kitchen of a family of four….

    So, please Fairy Hobmother, if you read this, take pity…

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  22. really need an element for my mams oven bless her soul she always cooks our meals when she isnt at work and her element went again the other week so meals are off until we can scrape together enough money for an element. the oven is quite old and will be the third element we’ve had in it lol but needs must if we cant afford a new oven an element will do.

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