The Dad & Son Road Trip

Anyone who follows us on twitter knows that last week was the Big Event. The Father Son Road Trip, from Dorset to Manchester. Well, Old Trafford, to be precise – the belated 10th birthday present for Boy, our footballing No.2 son.

Excited? NOT the word…

It’s a 216 mile journey. His first video blog was created… um…8 miles from home… (watch as he tries to figure out how far they’ve come in 15 minutes…)

There were numerous ‘motorway updates…’ which I won’t bore you with (numerous comments when he was actually allowed to eat his lunch, you’ll be pleased to know), and four hours later they arrived at the Premier Inn in Knutsford… Apologies in advance for the toilet detail and fascination. He’s 10. What can I say?

And then there was just time to nip into the attached Brewers Fayre for a quick meal ridiculously HUGE feast of mammoth proportions before the match…

You may spot that Boy was quite excited by the fact that a) he was reviewing for me and therefore they weren’t paying for the sheer lavish extravagance of a 3 course meal, b) he was getting chicken GOUJONS for a starter, no less and c) there was COKE involved. Big coke. Nay – GOOD coke…


Chicken GOUJONS!

Monster burger

All together now… “Good Coke!”


Yes the bottomless 10yr old was actually unable to finish (this NEVER happens). In his own words

“Well done Premier Inn. you’ve outdone yourselves”

(don’t worry though, he did manage to squeeze in the hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream dessert… #justplaingreedy)

Then they were off to the match – be warned it took a good hour in the Match Day traffic to actually reach Old Trafford’s car park, but they made it in time for the obligatory visit to the shop before they found their seats for the game.

Getting back was easier, and they were back at the Premier Inn in under 40 minutes even though they were stuck in the immediate Old Trafford surroundings for a good 20 minutes.

After an exhausted nights sleep (despite the Inn being right on the main road, there was very little in the way of noise from the traffic to disturb them), breakfast was equally as popular as dinner the night before

“…oh, I’d eaten so much the night before I could only manage a bowl of coco pops. And some bacon and sausage. And a muffin…”

And two slow-moving boys started the long trek home.

They had a total blast, and the ease of booking, the positioning and the facilities gave them everything they needed. Would they use a Premier Inn as a stopover for a boys road trip again? In a heartbeat.

A stay at the Premier Inn Bucklow Hill in Knutsford starts at £59 for a family four sharing a room, with breakfast at £8 per adult, children free.

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