The Classic Kids Trainer – New Balance 373

Is it just me, or have trainers just continued to get bulkier over the years? When New Balance sent Bear these 373 trainers, her 10yr old self described then as ‘really different, they’re so cool-looking’. Anyone who has a 10yr old will know that this is Very High Praise.
To me, though, they were oh-so-familiar; totally harking back to the trainers which graced my own small feet back in the early 80’s. I love them!

They’re so familiar, right?

She and I both also approve of the totally unisex styling. The flash of red keeps them interesting, in an under-stated fashion, but there’s no sparkle, pink or flashing lights for this 10yr old thanks.

Also – note the laces. No more velcro! Yes, yes, I know it’s easy. But how are they supposed to learn how to be proficient at laces if they never actually wear them? I’m pleased to report it only took her a week and she’s now as fast at laces as me. Huzzah!

But of course, the real test of the 373 is in the wearing.

You can have the flashiest trainers in the park, but if they don’t let you run, dodge, climb and kick a ball then you may as well be wearing slip ons.

And I’m happy to report that the classic styling of the NB 373 does not, in fact, mean an interior of old-fashioned 80’s-style thin cushioning and shoddy gluework.
These are properly decent shoes which I’m more than happy to allow her growing feet to encased in. 
They’re lightweight to allow freedom of sprinting, but with the cushioning required on the stoniest of paths. 

We even gave them the toughest workout we could imagine for any shoes – she wore them to Disneyland Paris, and had them walking for 16hrs a day around the theme park. In January.
Of course it was masses of fun, but it was also cold, it was wet, it was exhausting… and she was the only one not complaining about sore feet when we finally made it back to the hotel room.

(yes, she teamed them with bright yellow socks. No, they were not my idea.)

So – with classic good looks, width sizing options for a secure, natural fit (why don’t all trainers come with this? we expect it for school shoes, and it’s the same feet inside after all), enough cushioning to allow for long hard days in them, and enough grip to make playing football on wet grass with older brothers a breeze… really, what’s not to love about these babies?

The New Balance Classic 373 are available in UK Junior Sizes 10-6.5 direct from New Balance for £65.

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