The Bilibo Review – and why every home needs one

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Well. The Bilibo. ‘Tis an odd thing. A shiny, plastic saucer bucket. Kind of. Thing.

Whats it for? Well – pretty much whatever your child needs, actually.

So far I have noticed that it can be;

A carry vessel for cars and soldiers and dinosaurs,

A super-fast ramp for cars,

A spinny seat on shiny floors,

A TV-watching seat,

A tortoise shell,

A step to reach high shelves,

A helmet to make you an alien,

A stand-in-and-balance-whilst-your-brothers-push-you game,

A floating bath island,

A roll-around for small balls,

A drum,

A shelter for dinosaurs hiding from the tanks (yes, we have very special dinosaurs who co-inhabit contemporary earth alongside modern soldiers…),

A treasure island with caves for the Playmobil pirates,

A cooking pot,

A bug-collecting pot,

A teddy bear’s bed,

Oh, the list is endless…

They are quite large (over a foot in diameter) and, of course they’re utterly rigid so there’s no packing them away into small spaces.

I must also warn you that if you leave them out on the floor I can guarantee that at any time at least one of your children will have one foot in it, shooshing across the floor or standing in it swaying wildly, giggling, whilst you try to talk to them.

It also drives Mr LittleStuff mad, to be honest.

But it’s not for him;  the children – all four of them, from Ella at 9 months right up to Cameron at 9 years, adore it.

And that’s the important thing, yes?

The Bilibo is available widely- the best price we found was for £22 on Amazon

Author: Laura

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