The Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – The Yellow Genius of The Sort & Store Lego Head.

These Lego storage heads are just a brilliant idea – even by Lego standards.

What’s the age old issue with Lego? That one complaint that we all have about this modern toy-majig?

The tidying up.

I’ve seen parents restrict the child to keeping the Lego in one tray to ease the tidying… but where’s the creative fun in that?
The alternative, of course, is not only risking serious Lego Foot injury by allowing Access All (floor)Areas, but there’s the problem of one large crate of Lego. How exactly are you supposed to find that essential little red tile / head / 3-way-join in a large crate of a thousand or more pieces? There’s only one way of course – Rummaging. Hence Lego play is ALWAYS accompanied by much muffled chunterings and the sound of plastic bricks being shooshed around.

Clearly, this bothered those clever Lego bods too.

Because they came up with the Lego Sort & Store Head.

Now it wasn’t until I actually got my hands on this that I understood (I was still completely sold when I thought it was just a big container for Lego – after all, how cool is THAT?).


Then it’s sheer blatant genius was revealed to me.

Inside that head are sieves. In ascending sizes.

And when the time comes to tidy up the Lego – you simply scoop the lot into The Head, plop on the lid… and shake it.
And hey presto – your Lego is sorted into three different sizes.
Mad, but true.

And THIS is why every parent in the land kisses those clever Lego people on the cheek. They think of everything.

The Lego Sort and Store Available from Amazon

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