The Best Mug Gift Guide – Ten Amazing Mugs You’ll Frankly Want To Keep Yourself

This, our Best Mug Gift Guide, is frankly an Ode To The Mug.

Oh how we all love one, don’t we?

The popularity of our You Mug! Pinterest Board (if you’re a mug fan, you’ll want to go see and probably follow. Oh the mug joy that it contains…) shows me that on a daily basis we’re all looking for The One. It’ll be a perfectly balanced, proper thickness (are you a thick or a thin drinker? I like tea from thin, but coffee from thick…), super-pretty mug that can raise a smile even at far-too-early o’clock in November as you wrap your hands around the welcoming warmth and breathe in the steamy comfort.

And I read a report last year that said mugs are one of the most internet-searched-for gift items (most gift companies know this, which is why they all feature their top mug gift guides). We’ve certainly featured a lot over the years, and they’re always popular (but I have never yet found a replacement stockist of the Owl In The Bottom Of the Cup that I never managed to buy (and still really really want). I can understand why we love mugs – they’re small and easy to gift, and we all love to receive them. They’re comforting and friendly, and one of the most versatile gifts – your mum will love a pretty bone china mug as much as your child’s teacher will love an amusing one.

So here’s our Best Mug Gift Guide for your approval this year:

This post contains affiliate links – you don’t pay any more, but I may earn a teensy smidge of commission (which frankly just helps my coffee habit). But I never recommend something to you I wouldn’t recommend to my sister. And yes, I do love my sister.

1 – The ‘Love My Cat’ Ceramic mug

Best Mug Gift Guide I bloody love my cat mug

We’ve shown you it before, but we can’t help that it’s one of our favourites. A simple mug that tells the world how you feel about your furry feline friend. Pet lovers say it loud and proud ‘I Bloody love my Cat’!

You can choose between ‘I bloody love my cat’ (or if you have more than one ‘I bloody love my cats’), or if you prefer there’s a slightly more polite version with ‘I bloomin love my cat’. Found in Kelly Connor Designs Etsy shop, the Love my Cat mug is £12.95

2 – Le Creuset Stoneware Cappuccino Mug

This fab Enamelled stoneware mug from Le Creuseet is absolutely ideal for cappuccinos, double espressos and other medium sized drinks. It comes in a large range of lovely colours too. Thius strong stoneware mug is extremely durable and can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees! And it comes with a 10 year guarantee, what more could you want!

Available to but throught the Amazon store this Le Creuset Stoneware Cappuccino Mug is just £13.50

3 – There’s a Chance this is Gin Mug

chance this is gin mug

I’ll admit it – I’m a teeny tiny gin fan. Coffee, tea, gin… yes, pleasethankyou.
And don’t you tell me I’m alone, because frankly I won’t believe you.

So what’s not to love about a tea mug which threatens the presence of gin? In shinnneeee gold, no less! Found on Amazon, the Potentially Gin Mug is a steal at under £9

4 – The Hedgehog mug

wrendale hedgehog mug

Look at him! You can’t not, can you?
Sleepy little hedgehog, you disturbed him with your caffeine needs, busting into his quiet little cupboard. Give the boy a break, soothe him with  something hot and comforting on his insides, yes?

The Royal Worcester Wrendale Hedgehog Mug was spotted on Amazon for under £11

5 – The Personalised Travel mug

personalised travel mug bamboo

I know this one’s not quite a mug – but I LOVE it. A practical bamboo travel mug  – personalised with your child’s own drawing and message. What better gift for any parent commuter?

This stylish and practical travel mug is made from bamboo and stainless steel and has a stainless steel and plastic lid. The outside of the mug is bamboo and can be personalised with your child’s drawing and message of choice.

To have your child’s drawing added you will need to scan the drawing into a computer, save as a JPEG and email it (drawings in black pen on white paper apparently work best).

You can also choose to add a message of up to 12 words and this will be laser etched on to the bamboo around the lower circumference of the mug.

The lid of the mug has a movable section suitable for drinking, and is opened/closed with a sliding click. The top twists off allowing you to fill or empty the mug.

Found in the Maria Allen Boutique on Etsy, the personalised travel mug can be yours for £40.

6 – For Fox Sake Mug

Love this. Love that you can happily use this around small people – and inside you’re feeling a bit satisfyingly sweary.
Each mug is sent out in a presentation box making a great gift. These are quality bright white ceramic dishwasher safe 11 oz mugs
Found in the StyleCityStudio Etsy Shop, the For Fox Sake mug can be yours for just under £12

7 – Peaky Blinders mug

peaky blinders mug

Everyone knows a Peaky Blinders fan, right? And this mug is gorgeous – smart, slick, not too fanboy, but the perfect nod to the Shelby boys.
Its dishwasher and microwave safe, and this Birmingham Boys Peaky Blinders Mug is sure to be a firm favourite at just under £10 on Amazon

8 – The Harry Potter Patronus Heat Change Mug

harry potter mug heat change effect on patronus

Nope, I’m not cheating. That’s one mug.
I actually personally own this one (well, my 11yr old Potter fan does), and it’s genuinely a thing of beauty. A really big hot-chocolate-sized mug – and when you fill it with hot liquid, the patronus gradually appears. It’s beautiful – a total must for any Harry Potter fan.

The Harry Potter Expecto Patronum Heat Changing Mug is just over £9 on Amazon

9 – The Flamingo Mug

flamingo mug

Why be anything else, when you could be a flamingo, yes? A super-pretty flamingo pair decorate this fine bone china mug, taken from an original ~Sarah Boddy watercolour. It’s so so gorgeous – glamorous and yet perfect for a morning cuppa. We love.
Found in the SarahBoddyUK Etsy store, the Flamingo Mug can be yours for £11.50

10 – Battersea Cats Mug

Love love LOVE this cup. So pretty – and so perfect for a rainy day. Designed in collaboration with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, it features an adorable selection of feline buddies to brighten your tea break. On the inside is a slogan reading ‘My best friend has four legs.’

And at just £4 from M&S this Battersea Cats Mug is a total baragin!

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This, our Best Mug Gift Guide, is frankly an Ode To The Mug. Oh how we all love one, don't we?

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