The best colouring books for older children. And for BOYS!

My girl loves to draw/colour/paint/stick/sketch/design/embellish. So far so ordinary.

But my 9yr old boy loves to draw too. But colouring books for older boys? They don’t exist. I have SEARCHED for ones that don’t contain bunnies and flowers and clowns. Not happening.

So imagine my joy when I fell across Rosie Flo’s site.

johnny joe's colouring book for boys

Genius it is – but not jst for boys. The whole Rose Flo range are the same. Why limit a child’s imagination to colouring between the lines?

In the Rosie Flo books, there’s figures aplenty – but no heads and no limbs.

So for this spread, for example, my son had a team of dinosaurs playing football.


There’s a whole range of books more acceptable to the girls, and two with very boyish themes – though I have to say that the 9yr old was very happy designing the wearers of the outfits in his sister’s book…

This fabulous one is from the Kitchen Spreads book

The styling of all the books is excellent too – vintage, with not a hint of dullness. Witty, clever, detailed… if it’s not silly to say, there’s simply nothing too childish. These are fabulous activity books which stretch above your average toddler’s ability to scribble to something which will keep older children occupied for hours. They make fabulous gifts, and are definitely a must this summer for long journeys!

Rosie Flo‘s full range can be seen on their site, and all can be bought at Amazon. Prices are reasonable at under £4.50 for a colouring book, and  I’ve already earmarked the sticker book for our trip to France this summer!

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  1. Thanks for this! my 9yr old also likes drawing and art and I’m sure he would LOVE this too! As long as the boys stuff is not just football but other boyish things too! Gonna go check it out now…

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