The 9 Best Gifts for the Biker in Your Life

Finding the perfect gift for the motorcyclist in your life can be a challenge. With so much gear and equipment related to their hobby, it’s difficult to know what they might need or want. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for motorcyclists that go beyond the typical gloves and helmets.

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Motorbike Decals

Decals are a great way to customise a motorbike and reflect the rider’s personality. Consider getting a unique decal with the motorcyclist’s name, nickname, or even their bike’s name. You could even design your own art deco decal and have it printed. Popular options include 3D-effect chrome or colourful abstract designs. For something more customised, you could create a decal featuring the recipient’s home city skyline or landmark. Decals are inexpensive, easy to apply and let any motorcyclist make their bike their own.

Motorbike Books & Magazines

Every rider needs inspiring reading material for those days when the bike stays parked in the garage. Hardcore motorcyclists will appreciate a subscription to a monthly magazine like Bike, Motorbike Sport & Leisure or Fast Bikes. For a wider view of motorbike culture, coffee table books featuring vintage and custom-built bikes also make great gifts. Some popular titles include The Ride 2nd Gear by Bike EXIF and The Custom Motorbikes of Dynamic Choppers. Reading about upcoming group rides or flipping through photos of beautiful bespoke bikes will fuel any motorcyclist’s passion.

Smart Helmet

While any motorcyclist knows the importance of a quality helmet, smart helmets take protection and convenience to the next level. Leading brands like Skully and Livall integrate useful tech right into the helmet. Features include built-in Bluetooth for phone calls and music, HD video recording, voice control, GPS navigation and more. For night riding, some smart helmets even have LED accent lights. Smart helmets are at the cutting edge of motorbike gear and an ideal gift for tech-focused riders.

Motorbike Lift Stand

For the home mechanic who likes customising or maintaining their own bike, a motorbike lift stand is an invaluable tool. This special stand securely holds a bike upright to make repairs much easier. Sturdy options are available from brands like Paddock Stand Bob and Abba. Just make sure you get the right lift for your recipient’s particular motorbike make and model. This practical tool will be appreciated by any hands-on motorcyclist.

Custom Artwork

A unique gift for any bike enthusiast is custom artwork featuring their motorbike. There are many creative ways to commemorate a beloved bike. Options include a hand-drawn or digital illustration, custom poster, vinyl wall decal, photographic print or even a beautifully detailed 3D rendering. To make it even more special, incorporate elements with personal significance like location, memories or custom modifications. Art featuring a cherished motorbike is sure to hold pride of place in any rider’s home.

Motorbike Tour

For the adventurous motorcyclist, a guided motorbike tour makes for an unforgettable experience. The UK offers scenic routes and trails to satisfy any rider. Book a multi-day organised tour travelling across dramatic coastlines, through national parks or over mountain roads. Tours come in a range of difficulty levels, and many provide hotel accommodations and meals. Top UK regions to explore by bike include the Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire Dales and Snowdonia.

Smart Motorbike Gloves

Technology has transformed motorbike gloves from simple protective gear to high-tech must-haves. Leading brands like IXS and Held now offer smart gloves built for both safety and convenience. Features like LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen compatibility, GPS and voice control allow riders to stay connected while keeping hands protected. For motorcyclists who like gadgets and technology, smart gloves integrated with their phone make riding more interactive and enjoyable.

Motorbike Camera

Capture those memorable rides with a purpose-built motorbike camera. Compact, tough cameras like those from GoPro, Sony, Garmin and Sena are ideal for mounting on motorbike helmets and handles. Features to look for include video stabilisation, built-in microphones, strong battery life and connectivity. Waterproofing and other protections are a must for on-bike use. Edit footage together later to relive the epic hairpin turns, sweeping vistas and open road. A motorbike camera lets riders record and share every second of their superbikes in action.

Heated Clothing

For motorcyclists who ride year-round, heated clothing is a total game changer. Heated jackets, gloves, socks and more keep riders warm and comfortable even when the weather turns frigid. Look for windproof, water-resistant gear designed specifically for motorbiking. Popular brands include Oxford Heated and RST. Don’t forget accessories like battery packs and chargers. With toasty heated gear, bikers can extend the riding season and stay on the road longer.

With this wide range of tailored gift ideas, you’re sure to find something perfect for the motorcyclist in your life this year.

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