The 5 most beautiful places in the Algarve

Portugal has long been heralded as one of the best holiday destinations, for families and couples a-like. With around 600 miles of coast, most of which is white and sandy, a mild year-round climate, and plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained from little ones to grandparents it’s easy to see how it attracts millions of tourists.

Algarve scenery


Situated on the extreme western tip of the Algarve, Sagres was once considered to be the end of the world, and it’s easy to see why. Looking out to sea with nothing on the horizon.  

Sagres is now known as a laid-back surfer town and is ideal for those who enjoy exploring foreign landscapes. Perfect for hikers and cyclists who like challenging routes with awe-inspiring views.

This pretty town has an authentic feel with untouched beaches and a rugged beauty.


Lagos offers visitors the chance to explore Portuguese history, see the remains of the 16th century old town, as well as many buildings from the 17th century when it was recognised at the capital of the Algarve.

Perfect for families with children of all ages, there are a wealth of activities suitable for all- from safe and sheltered beaches for little ones to paddle in, to thrill-seeking teenagers who love a theme and water park. And if you enjoy simply strolling through pretty streets, the Moorish influence can be felt throughout the 17th century fort or visit any one of the Baroque churches and marvel at their extravagance.

Algarve scenery


Despite boasting a variety of fascinating tourist attractions Faro is often overlooked, considered purely for its airport. But stick around a while and you’ll discover Faro is a city with an ancient heart, encased in a modern city.

Large pedestrianised shopping streets, plazas and restaurants makes Faro a sociable city. Faro should not be considered a beach resort, however, but would suit those who enjoy a more cultural holiday, with the odd beach day thrown in. It has an understated beauty not to be missed.


If you’re looking for a charming town that’s retained many of its traditional fishing routes, Tavira is the destination for you. With beautiful sandy beaches, cobbled streets and traditional restaurants it’s perfect if you enjoy a relaxed holiday that combines culture and calm.

Tavira offers visitors the chance to experience the old-world beauty Portugal has to offer.

Rocha Amarela

Rocha Amarela’s beauty is of the eerie kind. One of Portugal’s mysterious ghost towns, surrounded by natural springs and mountains, despite being only 20km from Albufeira, Rocha Amarela is a must for a day trip. Perhaps a little spooky for little ones with over-active imaginations, budding photographers and explores will love this abandoned rural settlement in which mother nature has taken hold.

The Algarve is perhaps the epitome of all the Portugal has to offer, full of both history and cosmopolitan cities, it’s a European paradise and with a flight time of two and a half hours, if you book your Faro airport transfer in advance you’ll be able to start exploring in no time.  

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