Teen Shoes – you can’t go wrong with Converse

She buying for your young children is pretty easy. You have them carefully fitted, and most of the shoes available to you are practical; you might opt for flashy lights or sparkly bits, and have the to-velcro-or-not-to-velcro dilemma, but on the whole it’s all okay.

And then somewhere in their early teens it suddenly gets properly tricky. I can’t say confidently for girls (though I don’t recall having too many issues in my own teen years) but boys cause a big problem almost overnight. Because your still-young 14yr old will suddenly need to hoof his precious little baby feet into men’s size 10’s.
I mean seriously – I’ve seen it happen three times, and I’m STILL wondering how they do it so fast.
They’re in the middle of the junior shoe rack for years, you turn around and suddenly you’re needing to go way way back to the mens shoe section to get something big enough.

But of course, they are NOT as big as their feet size, and my beautifully, gorgeously immature 14yr old does not want to be clomping around in boring old-man-shoes. He doesn’t want slip-ons or loafers. He doesn’t really want anything black or brown at all – but nor does he want to live in trainers. To be honest, I think he’d secretly still like shoes that flish-flash when he walks…

Frankly, it’s a bit of a nightmare. And then they go and add a layer of fashionista teen sophistication, and you may as well throw your hands in the air in despair. That curling lip of horror at your sensible shoe suggestions will have you reaching for the gin quicker than any toddler tantrum.


But don’t give up! You mustn’t lose hope – there’s a reliable resource at your disposal, I promise.
Remember your own youth – and head to the Converse section.

You honestly cannot lose.

NO ONE curls a lip at Converse, they’re universally loved. Style-wise it seems they’re acceptable in any social group, and of course they fit with any dress code. Jeans or boardies, they’ll see you right through summer.
And the more battered and lived-in they get, the more acceptable they are. Win!


I love that these shoes will take them out to a party, but also to the park. And of course there’s a massive range of colours, and you can also choose to opt for leather instead of canvas if you want something a bit sturdier for the cooler months. We’re all big fans of the All Star Ox – these particular red ones are being modeled by the 17yr old (size 12 feet! SIZE TWELVE!!). But your own teen might go all retro-classic with a High Top, too. Which is entirely acceptable and Fine By Me.
And I did just notice that these fabulous men’s High Tops in my favourite Teal are currently reduced to just £40…

Also, if you move quickly, Cloggs have a special Bank Holiday 20% Discount running today – and yes it works on sale items too.
Which makes that teal pair of High Tops there just £32!




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