Sunday Recipe – Super lush coleslaw with raisins

With the barbecue season upon us, I’m going to share my staple BBQ-gift food. Again, it’s another of those recipes which isn’t really a recipe, just something that my mother taught me, and which I make as a foolproof “ooh, that’s delicious” dish to share (and keep a large tub on the go in the fridge all summer). It IS the ultimate Barbecue accompaniment, but it’s also fab with salads, obviously, and just delicious in a sandwich too.

Coleslaw is one of those things you really ought to make yourself.

I know you’re probably saying “why bother when I can just buy a tub?”. Well, honestly; shop-made pappy bland sloppy stuff? Just no. Stop it.

Making your own is so easy & so cheap that the question is really Why Wouldn’t You? Once you’ve tasted this, you’ll not eat the shop stuff again, honest. And this is just your base, there are so many variations you can make with it.

These measurements are approximate – adjust according to your own taste.

bowl of basic coleslaw ingredients

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(basic coleslaw of course is this recipe without the raisins, but this is MY recipe, and mine ALWAYS has raisins in. So there.)

Standard Coleslaw Recipe with Raisins.

Makes one large tub (2/3 a standard mixing bowl).

What you Need:

1/2 White Cabbage
1 Onion (I like to use red onion)
2 Medium Carrots
2 heaped tbs Mayonnaise

What you do:

  • In a large mixing bowl slice the cabbage finely (I find my ‘V’ slicer fab for this, or the ‘cheese slicer’ side of my grater, cutting across the layers to end up with fine shreds).
  • Grate the carrot on top – I grate at an angle for longer shreds
  • Add the onion diced VERY fine (again, I use the ‘V’ slicer)
  • Add two large handfuls of raisins
  • mix it all together with your hands
  • Add the mayonnaise, and mix well with a large spoon – it’s dry at first, but keep mixing until everything is coated.
  • You’re done!

Best eaten fresh on the same day while it’s really crunchy, but keeps for a few days in an airtight container.

Suggestions for variations (but use your imagination – it’s very hard to get it wrong):

  • Add any/all of the following; celery, apple, cheese, all kinds of nuts, pineapple, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds.
  • Halve the mayo and mix with creme fraiche or greek yogurt.

(If you don’t know what I mean by a V slicer, you can see them here – it’s an essential tool in my kitchen)


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