Sunday Picture Book – There Are Cats In This Book

We love books – obviously – and we often review latest releases. But I’ve been a parent for nearly twenty years, and I know that the older books sometimes get overlooked by new parents – and they’re missing out on a gem or two of bedtime reading. I think we all know the Very Hungry Caterpillar, of course, but I find newer parents may not know Albert Le Blanc, Little Tiger or Spot. There have been some beautiful picture books that we’d like to re-introduce into your life – I welcome you to the Sunday Picture Book series :)

there are cats i this book review

There are Cats …… this book.

And they are of the very best seriously sensible, naughty, purr-ey, hidey sort.

I bought this book on a whim – I think I got a used copy, so it was hardly going to break the bank.

When it arrived, I flipped through it, like you do. And despite being all alone in an empty house, I actually laughed out loud.
Not smiling with a huffey sort of noise, not an amused “hmmm!” but a real, genuine burst-out-of-the-middle-of-my-chest laugh.

I ADORE this book!

It’s such a quirky little tale, and written in such an endearing manner that I can’t help thinking it’s an overlooked classic. If you’ve read it, you’ve loved it; I’ve not spoken to anyone who doesn’t. Perfect out-loud reading to toddlers and pre-schoolers, with lift the flap actions to keep the story moving and make you feel part of the action (yes, really).

The loose, splodgy artwork helps the mood of affable chaos, and your child will be gripped page by page.

Do what I did – splash out on the couple of squids. Or hunt it down from your library. If you like cats you will LOVE this book, I promise.

Oh, and, um, your children will like it too…

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