Summer attractions that parents will love as much as kids

Getting out of the house this summer doesn’t have to be a kids’ only affair. As much as there’s often an element of hassle in bundling everyone into the car, dealing with the long drive and keeping an eye on the budget, it doesn’t have to be all worries, either.

I’m actually really looking forward to a few big breaks with the family this year and there are already a few venues on my mind. Here’s a rundown of a few solid favourites, although as always, definitely get in touch if you’ve a few of your own to share!


While there’s an age limit on the famous LEGO driving school, this is one place you can go back to time and time again. From the intricate models of cities and suburbs in the centre to the boat rides, trains, planes and automobiles, Legoland is well laid out and always guarantees a giggle or three. Of course, there’s also a new LEGO Discovery Centre opening elsewhere in the UK, so keep that in mind too.

Harry Potter Tours

Learning to love what your kids are into is always a difficult part of parenting, aside from Harry Potter of course. I can’t help but feel that it’s as much about us as it is the youngsters, making a trip to see The Making of Harry Potter and discover the secrets behind Hogwarts as appealing for me as it is the kids.

Warwick Castle

Everybody loves castles, but it’s Warwick Castle that goes all out to make both the grown-ups and the little ones content. With over 1,000 years of history to get stuck into at this majestic site, I can indulge my inner history buff while the kids enjoy the shows and attractions. In fact, they’ve recently started doing dramatised enactments of the War of the Roses here, which is a good way to get the kids up on their knowledge while having lots of fun.

The Natural History Museum

One of my tip top favourites – I love the Natural History Museum. Mr LittleStuff took the younger two up for the day a couple of months ago, and I spent the entire day frankly jealous, and wishing I’d gone too. After all, any kid who doesn’t like ogling a massive dinosaur skeleton is likely telling you fibs. The building itself is practically an exhibit in its own right, presenting a beautiful mix of columns, arches and architectural marvels that’s snap-worthy wherever you’re pointing the camera.
Plus – Blue Whale. Need I say more?


When nature comes calling, this is a nice cheap day out that also offers plenty of adventure. It’s in the forests of Norfolk, where mystical creatures come to play and there are no loud rides or fatty snacks in sight. For kids who like to run free this is a superb choice, while also ticks plenty of boxes with the grown ups for being quieter and tamer than the rowdy theme parks you might be used to.

I’m sure I’m only at the tip of the iceberg for great days out for all ages though. Hopefully these few will get the creative juices flowing though, and here’s hoping the weather holds out for us all as we plan our next big trip.


Author: Laura

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