Stunning Handmade Himalayan Candles from Border Fine Arts #ChristmasGiftGuide

Oh we love candles, and if they have a wonderful scent we love them even more. So when we came accross these stunning handmade Himalayan candles from Enesco, we were just a little excited.

handmade candles


There are Ten (tes TEN!) new candles, four new fragrances and a new attractive container join the Himalayan Candle Collection, providing perfect ways to scent your home and to stylishly decorate it.

The new spicy scents of Mistletoe and Cinnamon will evoke a festive aroma through your home this Christmastime, whilst the mellow tones of Indian Sandalwood and the fragrant Wild Rose will bring a mellow calming aroma.

These wonderful candles are made from a natural soy wax blended with high quality essential and fragrance oils, which is hand poured into the containers. Burn times vary but are between 24 and 70 hours, and the wax totally burns away meaning the decorative handmade candle holders can be reused! Bonus eh, wow!

The new Himalayan Candles are available in the popular Fleur de Lys and the Bubble Glass tumblers – as well as in the brand new Mini Powder Pot. Made by skilled artisans, this is a glass replica of an ornate vintage piece and is nished with an etched lid with a choice of a Peacock or a Buttery design.

Get your hands on these delightful Himalayan Candles from Border fine arts to fill your home with light and scent the Christmas, prices start from just £15.

Author: Courtenay

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