Stunning Go-Anywhere Maxi Dress for Tall Women

A few weeks ago I had a birthday. A Big Birthday. I turned *gulp* 40.
I know – it’s shocker. I don’t look a day over 39. But it’s true, I promise.

Anyhoo, by way of celebrating the big fourth decade, the husband decided he would surprise me. I didn’t know what was going on – simply that I needed a posh frock.
A quick glance at my scant wardrobe (and texting of pictures to lovely friends who DID know where I was going) told me that nothing I had that fitted (oh, the double edged sword of a two stone weight loss)would do – I’d have to have Something New.

I know, it was a shame.

But how the fark do you buy a dress for an unknown event?

Luckily for me, the amazingly lovely people at Long Tall Sally came to my rescue. Being a hair under 6′ tall, I properly genuinely REALLY love Long Tall Sally. If I could, I would only ever shop there.
I know it’s not an issue for a lot of people, but if you’re tall like me finding anything that fits up-and-down and doesn’t end up looking ridiculous is a big problem. I can however guarantee that anything I buy from Long Tall Sally fits perfectly.
And when I was two dress sizes bigger, I could STILL shop there.
And when I’m two dress sizes smaller, I’ll STILL be shopping there.

The dress they suggested for the Unknown Event was this one – the Red Fern Maxi Dress.
red fern maxi dress for tall women

I loved it.

I sent the link to the two reliable girlfriends.

They loved it.

It arrived, I tried it on and as it slithered over my head I fell even more in love.
This dress is amazing.
I feel beautiful in it.
And the fit is divine – it really is ridiculously flattering, and makes me look like I’ve lost far more than the two dress sizes that I have. And because it’s made for a tall figure the maxi dress actually reaches the floor instead of swishing around my ankles.
Even without knowing where I was going, I felt confident this dress would take me there – I could dress it up with a few accessories and some smoky eyes, or I could dress it down with some flats. Perfect transition dress, and a new wardrobe staple.

With my delicious new shoes and new hair, I was all set and good to go.

So where did I end up?

Where did my fabulous red dress get to take me?

LTS red fern maxi review

In our hotel room, just as we headed out the door to dinner and then on to the Moulin Rouge

My amazing husband whisked me off to a chic little boutique hotel in the Montmartre for three days exploring Paris; and we celebrated my birthday with a bottle of champagne while watching the show at the Moulin Rouge.
My dress was perfect – as was my birthday.

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