Studying for an Exam: Three Things to Stop Doing Now

When it comes to exams, everyone has their own way of preparing. From creating a well-thought-out revision timetable, swatting up with friends or using an online tutor, there’s a method to suit every kind of studier.

You might think you have the perfect means of retaining facts cracked, but there’s certainly a few things you can keep in mind to ensure you’re being as efficient as possible.

We won’t tell you how best to work – that’s for you to decide. But we reckon there are a few things that some students do that are almost always a no-no; here’s what we think you should definitely stop doing now if you want to ace those exams.
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Panicking – Ahead of any given stressful situation, nothing is ever gained by getting in a panic. Instead, the best thing you can do before an exam is to try and stop yourself worrying too much. True, a few butterflies in the stomach are normal but there’s really no need to be nervous if you’re certain you’ve done – and know – all you can before you turn over that exam paper.

Instead, take a look at some of the tips you’ll find online for relaxing ahead of your exams. Now, walk into the sports hall or exam room confident that you’re ready for whatever comes your way. You’ll be surprised how much easier you’ll find the exam if only you have the right attitude and don’t let worry cloud your thoughts.

Cramming – Don’t feel like you’ve revised for that exam quite as hard as you should have done? Be aware that cramming can get you nowhere. Don’t be tempted to stay up ‘til the early hours sifting through the well-worn pages of your textbooks. Instead, organise your time wisely as far in advance as possible, dividing your revision schedule into manageable chunks.

Overload your brain with too much information and you’re likely to retain very little. The best way to take in important facts is simply by tackling your revision one subject at a time and finding new ways to keep things fresh. Few people respond well to learning the same thing over and over – and in the same way.

Try to mix things up a little by chatting to course mates online (although not for too long – this can prove a distraction), trying online apps to help you study easier and thinking up new ways for old information to stick.

Have you, for instance, considered YouTube as a means of taking in the information you need? You’ll be surprised at what you can find on video sharing sites like that one; from talks from academics to full lessons and lectures, you can discover the answers to almost anything. Do a little digging online and see if you can’t ensure studying remains fun.


Dragging Armfuls of Books Back from the Library – Libraries still have a place when it comes to your studies, but we’re finding that we’re relying on them less and less now that the Internet has taken over. You can now gain access to just about any information you require by doing a quick search online or from sites like My GRE Exam Preparation that focuses on prep-courses and practice tests – while educational apps have literally revolutionised the way high school and college kids study for exams.

With online apps, you can chat to people on a similar course, share notes and pick up handy coursework hints – and all in mere minutes. There really is no need to carry armfuls of books back from the library when you can download what you need almost instantly. Plus, with free online apps there’s no ‘late fees’ or disapproving looks from the librarian – simply download and go!

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