STOP! We’ve found it, the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan!

So here we are, it’s Christmas once again! It’s that time of year where if you’ve got mince pies to eat, a troop of children to wrangle, parties to attend and fairy lights to untangle, buying presents can just seem like an overwhelming and never-ending task.

You know Minecraft is always going to be a winner in the gift department, but you’ve already got all the lego, T-shirts and creeper toys you can cope with. What else can you possibly get excited about?

If you’ve got a resident Minecraft fan, you’ve probably already been told all about  modding and online servers. If not, don’t worry, they are simply multiplayer Minecraft worlds where kids can hang out with their friends online, build together and play games. But no longer do they have to be content playing other people’s games, they can now learn how to make their own!
how to code minecraft mods

Learn how to code Minecraft with Code Kingdoms

6 or 12 month subscription – 20% discount

Code Kingdoms teaches kids how to use Java programming to make their own Minecraft mods. It turns out books aren’t the only way to sneak some educational value into their stocking.

We’ve grown up with Minecraft in our house, and Bear loved reviewing the Code Kingdoms platform earlier this year. If you’re looking for a Minecraft themed gift that also provides some great educational value, look no further!

Kids are able to familiarise themselves with Java programming, allowing them to make minigames within Minecraft that they can then share with friends on their own private server.

code kingdom learning code minecraft

There’s courses to cover every ability type, and as it’s all saved online, they can come back and work on their projects at any time.

Code Kingdoms has a special discount running throughout December that gets you 20% off when you purchase either a 6 or 12 month account option.

Just use the code: littlestuffchristmas



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