Steepletone 1960’s Vinyl Record Player at Prezzybox #ChristmasGiftGuide

Oh wow, we love this fab thing. A wonderful Steelpletone 1960’s vinyl record player in stuuning vintage red no less, isn’t she a thing of beauty.


steepletone vintage vinyl record player

All retro music lovers see this new technology and just think of the good old days, questioning why they don’t make things like they used to!

Well the Steepletone 1960’s Vinyl Record Player, is everything they ever wanted and more! Not only does this classic looking piece in red look like a 1960’s style record player but with its modern technology twist of a built in amplifier, detachable speakers and the ability to play records, it really is the ultimate portable music device!

If not for you then this portable Vinyl Record Player makes the ultimate gift for the music lover in your life for any occasion!We already know this awesome music player looks the part as it depicts a retro vinyl player, but the recipient will find its audio quality second to none as it plays 33, 45 records, with a 20 watt output speaker and optional sub-woofer output they will hear their favourite records like they never have before!

The sturdy carry handle and close clasp means they don’t have to just leave this record player at home, they can virtually take the music with them anywhere, creating 1960’s nostalgia wherever they go!


  • Ultra compact size
  • Portable
  • Semi automatic retro 60’s style record player
  • Detachable lid containing 2 x 15 Watt RMS stereo speakers (connection cable supplied)
  • Plays 33, 45 records
  • Carry handle and closing clasps for easy and safe transporting
  • Plays all size records with speakers detached

Sold on Prezzybox this Steepletone 1960’s vinyl record player in stuuning red for just ¬£79.95 is sure to be a huge gift success.

Author: Courtenay

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  1. A few years back i was told yinyls would be all the rage again and here we almost are. Perhaps showing mt age but ive never played or listened to a vinyl. Id be interestedto know if there is a difference in sound quality and if so arebtheir many people that have their whole music collection in yinyl or a mix of vinyl, cassettes, cds, mp3s?

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