Spring has Sprung with the #MoonpigCollection

Moonpig. I know what you’re thinking – they do cards, right?
(and also, you’re welcome for the lovely ‘Moon-pig-dot-com’ tune now ambling around your brain)

If i said I went along to the launch of Moonpig’s Spring Collection on Thursday, you’d be expecting me to show you this wouldn’t you:



A genuinely lovely array of cards waiting for your personalisation, plus some mugs thrown in for good measure.
And there they were.


Only, there was also this…


Aren’t they stunning? And no, I had no idea that Moonpig did flowers either.
Very Pretty flowers – really very beautiful ones, actually.
And a whole great big array of them…


The range was fabulous, too – the arrangements were fresh and contemporary, the choice of colours and flowers fabulous and the presentation options were gorgeous.

There we were up on the roof of London, the sunshine pouring through the windows on this whole bank of gorgeousness… I could have nestled in amongst them all afternoon.

But look. There was more to see. Because right beside the flowers was this little lot…


Edible Gifts. The morning just kept getting better and better!

Moonpig’s food gifts are brilliant – and not just a dull have-some-chocolates offering for your present-giving choice. Oh no. There’s fabulous hampers on a range of themes. There’s tea from the English Tea Shop (we highly recommend the Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple), Sticky toffee Pudding cake, jams, truffles, chutney… Honestly. It’s an amazing range, and all  of it feels genuinely ‘gifty’. I can certainly testify that everything we saw, tried and tasted was of the best quality, and something I’d be pleased to send as a thoughtful gift to a loved one.


And then of course there’s the pampering and beauty gifts section. Yet more sweet-smelling gorgeousness abounded. From that stunning box of Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers through the Morris & Co hand cream to the Heyland & Whittle Luxury Bath essentials, I wanted them ALL. Never mind gifting, these babies should be mine I tell you.

So yes. Moonpig. Totally great for personalised cards – but more than that, they’re absolutely now my Go-To shop anytime I need a gift by post. The range is inspiring, and of the very best quality. but be warned – there’s so much choice and so many cool ideas that it’ll take you ages to pick something…

Take a meander over there now – there’s still plenty of time for a Mother’s Day treat, and there’s Sunday Delivery for all flowers and plants – and a free card too!



Author: Laura

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