Spotted! – Willow and Tea Reed Diffuser and Candle Sale!

I am absolutely loving this beautiful reed diffuser from Willow & Tea London. With there being a 40% off sale on some of selected items, I think you’ll love them too!

I first came across this brand whilst bunny-sitting for a friend. I’d been warned that bunnies can be a bit stinky and as they’re house rabbits, I was prepping myself to walk into a giant humming hutch! However, I was very pleasantly surprised at the fresh and homey smell of their apartment. After a good sniff around I found the source… Their Coconut & Lime Reed Diffuser by Willow & Tea London. I loved it so much so, I went and bought myself one! 

More like Coconut & Sub-lime! (Sorry)

Willow & Tea do a range of products and scents guaranteeing you that there will be at least one that you will love.

Their products are eco-friendly and handmade in the heart of Hampshire. They care about the planet whilst still ensuring that you get fabulous and sustainable smellies that last and last and last…

Are they worth it I hear you ask? Are they heck! They’re bloody lovely! Yes, a little more expensive than your TK Maxx bargain smelly but this is because these soy wax candles are hand poured and are known for their undeniable quality and the depth of their scent. The large candles last on average of 60 hours and the reed diffusers up to 6 months! The high grade perfume scents being used in each of Willow & Tea products, contributes to the longevity of their smell meaning your house will smell better for longer! (Anything to disguise the smell of sweaty teenage boys right?)

There are only 2 Willow & Tea shops that I am aware of and they’re based in Berkshire and Hampshire. However, there is one coming to London and they do deliver if you order online so don’t panic! Your parcel will be shipped within 24 hours and by your door via tracked postage between 3-5 working days later! If you’re really quick as well, you might just catch the last of their January sale! (My favourite Coconut & Lime one is on sale too!)

Well, what are you waiting for? Go, Go, Go!!!  

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