Spotted! Really Useful Lockable First Aid & Medicine Storage

Many moons ago a friend told me a story about why she now keeps all medicines in the house under lock and key. All medicines were kept in an unlocked box on the top shelf of a high cupboard in her kitchen. She thought they were safe enough, she assumed her children hadn’t even clocked that they were kept there.

One morning, she came downstairs after having been upstairs for a short while (putting laundry away or some such menial chore) while her two children were playing in the living room. She walked into the kitchen to pop the kettle on and discovered a chair pushed up against the kitchen counter and the contents of the medicine box spread out over the kitchen side, including an open box of ibuprofen tablets with some missing. Gulp. She could not remember how many were in the packet when she last took some out. There followed a frantic-but-trying-to-keep-voice-calm conversation with her five year old to figure out what happened and whether any medicines were consumed. Turns out the three year old had a sore finger and the five year old was looking for a plaster and some medicine to make it better. My friend could not figure out if any of the tablets had been taken so it all ended with a trip to A&E, observation and two children who were absolutely fine in the end. Phew.

Ever since hearing this story I’ve been on the look out for a lockable medicine box and have discovered these….

Lockable First Aid Tin - Great Little Trading Company - £28.00

Lockable First Aid Tin – Great Little Trading Company – £28.00

Lockable First Aid Cabinet - - £38.45

Lockable First Aid Cabinet – – £38.45


Lockable Glass Door Medicine Cabinet - - £35.00

Lockable Glass Door Medicine Cabinet – – £35.00


'Mon Petit Hopital' Lockable Medicine Cabinet - The Holding Company - £45.00

‘Mon Petit Hopital’ Lockable Medicine Cabinet – The Holding Company – £45.00


Find lockable medicine cabinets here

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