3hrs of Original Tom & Jerry Cartoons for FREE! *happy*

Ten years ago, my then-small boys’ favourite TV watching pleasure was Original Tom & Jerry Cartoons.
So much so that I tweeted this – (oh my days, those baby boys are all gurt big & man-sized now)

The response was fast and universal. There was simply an outpouring of affection for the cat & mouse duo, squeaks of agreement and a lot of “my-son/daughter-loves-them-too!”. Whether those sons were 2 or 22 made no difference.

Original Tom & Jerry Cartoons

It’s just so rare to find something that all four of my children will gladly watch AND enjoy equally. Tom & Jerry is one of those things. Unfailingly, find an old episode (they’re Tom & Jerry snobs, and won’t watch the later ones in which Tom talks, they’re “so wrong”. Sensible boys.). My eldest son was around 18mths the first time he saw Tom & Jerry – and he giggled his way through it.

He’s 20 now, and still giggles his way through it. It never fails to make me laugh too. And I can clearly remember my Granny chuckling to them when I was small.

And look. You can get the whole of series 1 on Amazon Prime. That’s 60 episodes, or 3hrs of the early, best Original Tom & Jerry cartoons available in the Prime Video store for FREE!

It includes all your favourite early episodes – the one where Tom is a concert pianist (and Jerry’s living in the piano), the one where the baby elephant shows up, the one where the baby duckling thinks Tom is ‘Mama’, the one where Tom is dressed as a baby, the fabulously seasonal ‘Night Before Christmas’, the one with Tom impressing the girl cat on the beach… Oh you have to love them all!

If you’re not a Prime member, don’t be downhearted, there are lots of other places to find the Original Tom & Jerry cartoons!

If you have Sky, you can get 3 seasons on the Sky Go app or on your box – Find Classic Tom & Jerry here.

Or you can stream Tom & Jerry Cartoons from the WB Kids website – though from a quick glance this seems to be slightly later ones, not the original (favourite!) episodes.

(oh, and you might also be interested to know that cartoon watching is definitely proven to be excellent for your child’s brain. We all knew it!)

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