Spotted! Lakeland Heavy Duty Oven Glove under £5!

Come on – we’ve all done it. Kept the oven gloves a bit too long, or ignored the Heavy Duty Oven Glove to buy the cheaper ones because they were pretty.
Then taken a big heavy baking dish out of the oven, got halfway to the counter and started yelping as the heat begins to seep through.
Just this week I did this exact “ow. OW! Ow owowOW OW OW!” yelping dance as I flung the roasting tin at the top of the cooker, prying that the contents wouldn’t throw themselves everywhere while I tried to save myself from 2nd degree burns on my hands.

Time for new oven gloves, for sure. And lookety look what I spotted when I headed over to Lakeland to find some;

Their exclusive Heavy Duty Double Oven Glove is currently on offer, reduced from £11 to under a fiver!

Heavy Duty Oven Glove

Yes it may not be glamourously floral, or hilariously covered in pugs. But the cotton and natural fibre mix will offer much longer protection, and the triple-lined palms safely deal with dishes from ovens up to 240°C. That’ll do, I think!

They’ve even considered my pet peeve – a double oven glove with such a short reach you can’t actually manoeuvre it around a large dish – this one has pockets 48cm (19″) apart which totally allows you to move freely. And if you DO happen to splosh the turkey juices all over them at Christmas (*cough*) these can be machine washed to keep them good as new.

In fact, Lakeland say that in tests, a roasting dish from an oven at 240°C was held comfortably for over a minute. More than long enough to make it safely to the kitchen surface, or straight to the table.

The Heavy Duty Oven Glove is exclusive to Lakeland, and currently reduced from £11.99 to £4.99. Proper Bargain!

Author: Laura

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