Spotted! At long long last – my search is over!

When my eldest son was a toddler, I came to that stage we all get to. You know. The bed-and-no-nappy stage.

As any slightly experienced Mumma knows, this is the point that you Need Protection.

Oh yes.

I happened to be in Mothercare, and saw a handy bed mat, reduced to about £4. Bargainous! I snapped it up, and whistled on my merry way.

Little was I to know that this was to be one of my Most Ace Buys. No, really. Ever.

That very same bed mat is currently residing under the sheets of child no.4. It has protected four cots and four beds from minor accidents and copious sick bugs both. It has been washed and tumbled more times than I can count, and still looks shiny white and perfect. It has protected my own mattress from the indignities of pregnant waters breaking and subsequent post-birth flooding (from both ends).  It is the envy of all who see it. That mat is now my (9 year) old and very dear friend.

Because, you see, I wasn’t aware that it was reduced that fine destiny-draped day in Mothercare because they were end of line.

And nowhere have I seen such things since.

Plastic sheets, I’ve spotted, oh yes (Bleurgh).

Throwaway disposable pads aplenty (sigh).

But a proper cotton rubber backed mat to slip under the sheet, or even just lie on top of in a limp hot-bodied-sick-fuelled toddler way – or a swollen, milk-filled uncontrollably-leaking-baby-boobs way – have just not been found.

Until now.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give to you… Vertbaudet. And their amazing, wonderful Mattress cover.

Ta Daaaaaa!

Author: Laura

A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. I work, I have four children, I have a dog… ergo, I do not do dusting or ironing. I began LittleStuff back in (gulp) 2004. I like huge mugs of tea. And Coffee. And Cake. And a steaming cone of crispy fresh fluffy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar. #healthyeater When I grow up I am going to be quietly graceful, organised and wear lipstick every day. In the meantime I *may* have a slight butterfly-brain issue.

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