Spotted! Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Collectors Album – Series 1

Love this idea! Since the Happy Home Designer game appeared in the house, we’re seeing a resurgence of Animal Crossing games, constantly coming across a small-ish person or two, head bent seriously over a DS. And the latest craze that’s feeding it? The amiibo cards.


Here’s what Jolly thought of it:

“Following my last review on Animal Crossing: HHD, I spoke about collecting and trading animal crossing Amiibo cards. Well funnily enough, out of nowhere, they’ve made a collector’s album.

If you don’t know what a Collector’s Album is, it’s a book that you can place the things you are collecting in. It looks neat and keeps them safe.

At first I never liked this idea – having a book to store the cards away in seemed to defeat the purpose of having them. But I soon came to like it. It allows me to keep my cards safe away and available to trade at any time.

Now of course you’ll need a pack of cards to start you off. Packs of amiibo cards contain up to 3 characters, usually one of which being rare. Rare cards go on the front page, all other cards go on the other pages.”

As a parent, I’ll admit I like it; frankly I was getting fed up with seeing them scattered across a bedroom floor.

It’s a pretty cool album – working much like old-fashioned card albums, with individual pockets for each card (and a watermark image of each card, so you can easily see what you’re missing.


Though of course it’s a bit like the old Panini sticker books – those empty spaces will taunt you with their promises of the cards you’re missing out on.

The Animal Crossing amiibo cards Collectors Album fits the entire Series 1 collection of cards and comes with a 3-card pack to get started. if your child hasn’t already collected a fistful, obviously. And if they have you’ll gain yourself half an hour of absolute silence as they carefully arrange them in their correct slots…

The Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Collectors Album is available direct from Nintendo for £7.99

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