Spice up your room with the finest flooring trends

b2ub carpetrightWe’ve seen a wallpaper revival in recent years; bright wall colours and soft furnishings to match – but what about the floors? Well it’s time to roll out the red carpet, and not for any unexpected A-list house guests but to follow this season’s hottest interior trend!

It takes a big commitment and consideration to go for something new underfoot but if you choose carefully, a bright or patterned carpet will pay off.

Follow our guide to current flooring trends to see if it’s for you:


Colour blast

Top designers are noticing a move from classic and safe neutral colour schemes to bright and beautiful carpets. While louder colours bring a splash of excitement to your rooms, they are also much more practical in a busy household. They can mask a dirty footprint or a splash of red wine with ease in comparison to pale alternatives.

Use your bright new carpet to really make a statement in a room with neutral walls. A red carpet adds an energy and excitement to a room and darker shades bring comfort and a cosy atmosphere.

Once you’ve chosen your bright carpet you can use the same colour as an accent around the room to pull the whole thing together.

Coloured cushions, throws and lampshades are easy ways to achieve this.


Embrace a pattern

Patterns are back. Forget your pre-conceptions of carpets incorporating every colour under the sun – those were left back in the 60s. Modern patterned carpets are fun, stylish and tasteful.

A well-placed pattern does wonders in a large space as they break up the area and add interest to the floor: try running a striped carpet down a wooden staircase or a long hallway to draw the eye through the space.

Children’s rooms are the perfect place to experiment with exciting and bold patterns too. They hide stains and the kids will love it, but don’t feel that you need to go for the loudest patterns throughout your house. Try a subtle grey stripe in your living room or a smaller patterned rug to see how it suits you so that your chosen style isn’t overbearing.


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