So what’s the ACTUAL difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

Last Saturday I had a the opportunity to attend a Breakfast Symposium held by Coca-Cola (admittedly at an ungodly hour of the morning) before heading off for a day at Blogfest.

I was naturally pretty interested to know what they had to share – after all, we all know Coca-Cola, we all know who they are and what they do, right?


I thought so too.

But, actually, I came away over an hour later with my eyes opened…

But before we get to the main point of the meeting, let me just clear up the important burning question on everyone’s lips.

What the heck actually is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero??

Oh, I’m glad you asked.

Well… *settles into chair comfortable*

Y’see – Diet Coke was launched wa-a-a-y back in 1982. And we all fell in love (well, when I say all, I mean about 50% of us here in the UK). We could have our favourite ‘can of fizz’ but without the bad and nasty sugar that went straight to our hips (don’t start – I knwo we all know different things about sugar now…).
And we’ve all been drinking it ever since – 33 years is a LONG time to be used to one flavour.

But of course, back in the early 80’s food tech wasn’t quite what it is now. Sweeteners were relatively new on the scene, choices didn’t abound and methods of using them in drinks weren’t terribly sophisticated.

Naturally times change.

And so we ushered in 2006 – 24 years later, and sweeteners had come a lo-o-oong way. Finally Coke could make a 1 calorie version that actually tasted pretty much like normal full-sugar coke.

But did any of us want our precious Diet Coke switched and removed? No we bloody did not! It’s a precious entity that we protect with righteous wrath.

So Coke did what any sensible brand would do – they gave us the choice.

Practically identical in terms of what’s inside the can – the only difference is the flavour. One is distinctly ‘Diet Coke’, true to it’s original 1980’s recipe. The other is a new recipe, and far closer to ‘real’ Coke.
Both contain the old faithful 1-calorie content we trust – it’s just a matter of which taste you prefer.
So now you know.

And now you can spread the word – be kind, help the next person you see standing in the supermarket aisle with a baffled look on their face as they gaze back and forth between the two.


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