Slumberdown Silky Pair of Pillows #PreChristmasShopping

I don’t know about you, but here in the house of Littlestuff Christmas comes round pretty fast, and there is always lots and lots to do, sometimes it seems so much that I think I meet myself coming backwards. Anyhoo, I love Christmas and all the fun and joy that it brings and yes even the hectic run up to the festive season. But then there is always that something that you tend to forget unil the last minute and then its decision time, mad last minute rush to try and sort it out or do we just make do and go with how we are?

Well, here in the house of Littlestuff we usually expect some guests to come and stay at some time over the Christmas holidays (by guests I usually mean The Four’s grandparents of course) and being the best of hosts we want them to feel as comfortable as they could possibly be, well you would wouldn’t you!

We always get to that time of making up the beds and then realise that we need more pillows! Never enough pillows, and its Christmas eve, how can we never have enough pillows!! One grandparent needs the traditional two pillows, okay not so bad, but the other grandparent who has back problems and is never that comfortable (even in his own bed at home) requires four, yes four! We always get to that moment and realise we are once again short, so The Four (bless them) always donate.

Well no longer, for we have decided you can no longer have enough pillows stored away and so we have got ourselves an investment, a soft cozy head soothing, snoozing kind of investment, some fabulous scrumptious pillows!

Not just any pillows mind, we opted for two pairs of slumberdown silky pillows (sold in pairs) to grace the grandparents beds this year, oh yes we got organised waaay ahead of time!


slumberdown silky pillowsAnd they are absolutely perfect! Hmmm, maybe too perfect…perhaps we may just have to steal them for ourselves!

Oh I can definitely see whoever uses these will definitely melt into a mesmerising sleep with Slumberdown’s most indulgent pillows yet. They are wonderfully silky pillows which are filled with silky soft Caresse fillings. They gently support your head and neck caressing every curve for sublime comfort. The luxurious microfibre cover is wonderfully soft and silky to touch. A real treat for the senses, so they say!

A swap then, perhaps! No… we wouldn’t be that mean, but I think we might be trading in our old ones for some of these as well. At least we are all organised ahead of time for Christmas this year, and the grandparents (none the wiser for the previous years debacles) will enjoys a cofortable stay, sorted then. #gooddaughterinlaw


Grab yourself some pure comfort and get hold of your own Slumberdown Silky Pair of Pillows only £14.99 a pair, bargaineous!

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